Schiphol App Privacy Statement

Schiphol Nederland B.V. (Schiphol) operates in line with its key values of efficiency, hospitality, inspiration, sustainability and reliability. For Schiphol, it is very important that you feel welcome at the airport and that your personal data are treated in a reliable and sustainable manner.


With this Privacy Statement, Schiphol wants to offer maximum transparency on how the airport treats personal data processed via the Schiphol app. This privacy statement is therefore relevant for users of this app. For more information on how Schiphol treats personal data it processes via other means, see Schiphol Group Privacy Statement.

Personal data processing

In certain cases, Schiphol requires your personal data such as your name, address, email address, possibly other information required for communication and reservation and/or payment purposes, or your location details. Personal data are processed based on the principles set out in the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp).

The Data Protection Officer, who fulfils the tasks of the Data Protection Authority at Schiphol, verifies that personal data are processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

Why does Schiphol process your data?

Schiphol processes personal data via the Schiphol app for the following purposes:

a. Implementing agreements

Schiphol uses your personal data to implement agreements you conclude via the Schiphol app, for example for the following:

  • reserving and paying for parking space or a taxi at Schiphol;
  • receiving notifications;
  • contacting Schiphol’s customer service;
  • booking a special offer. The data you provide to book a special offer is shared with the retailer concerned in order to make the booking.

b. Finding your location on the map

The Schiphol app can be used in combination with the location finder on your device. If you use the map and have granted the necessary permission, Schiphol will process your location details in order to provide you with the following information/facilities:

  • Your location at Schiphol
  • Planning and navigating routes

For the location finder and to display the Schiphol map, Schiphol uses the following data. This will only happen if you use the map and have granted your express permission for the location finder to be used:

  • Your location
  • Preferred language
  • Your flight (if you have saved a flight in the Schiphol app)
  • Time until boarding (if you have saved a flight in the Schiphol app) Your identity (device ID and IP address) is anonymised so that the data cannot be traced back to you.

Schiphol will not process your location details if you have not granted your permission. To determine your location, Schiphol uses Mapbox, an application that forwards anonymous location and user data to Mapbox Inc. to update and improve the Mapbox cards. If you prefer, you can switch off this function (Mapbox Metrics) via the privacy settings in your application management settings.

c. Analysing and optimising the app

The Schiphol app analyses general user data, such as the most frequently requested pages, without identifying specific users. The app also analyses anonymised location details of card users, provided these users have granted their permission to determine their location. The aim of this analysis is to align the configuration, content and functioning of our app as closely as possible with user needs and to optimise it. For this purpose Schiphol uses Google Analytics cookies, while following the recommendations of Schiphol’s Data Protection Authority.

  • We have concluded a data processing agreement with Google Inc. which stipulates that Google must treat the cookie information with due care.
  • In the interest of data minimisation, we have opted to code the final octet of IP addresses.
  • The ‘share data’ function has been switched off, also in the interest of data minimisation.
  • We will not use any other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies.
  • Personal information is not stored or used.
  • We will never share information from Google Analytics cookies with third parties. For more information on Schiphol’s cookie policy, see our cookie policy.

Protecting your data

Schiphol does everything within its power to protect your personal data against loss and unauthorised use. All Schiphol employees who are party to personal data in the context of their work have been sworn to secrecy. Your data will only be supplied to third parties if this is necessary for achieving the aforementioned purposes. Schiphol has concluded a data processing agreement with Schiphol partners who are responsible for performing (particular aspects of) certain services that they will also do everything within their power to protect your personal data and that they will comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

Your details

Schiphol will endeavour to ensure that processed personal data is accurate and precise. Moreover, Schiphol will not process more personal data than necessary. In addition, the personal details of the parties concerned will not be retained by Schiphol longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or for which they are being further processed. Schiphol has set a retention time for the various processing methods of personal data.

Your rights

If you would like to know what data Schiphol holds on you and for what purposes this data will be processed, or if you wish to amend your personal data or have it removed, you can request access to your personal data or for it to be amended or removed. You can also object to your personal data being processed. You can do this by sending an email to

Recipients of your data

The following individuals and/or institutions may receive your personal data:
(a) anyone at Schiphol who is responsible for carrying out or supervising tasks related to the processing of your personal data or anyone involved in this;
(b) (sub)processors which are contracted by Schiphol to perform certain tasks relating to the processing of your personal data;
(c) government bodies, such as the police and the courts, insofar as this is necessary to comply with statutory obligations.


If you have a question about this privacy policy or a complaint relating to our privacy policy, please contact us at


Schiphol reserves the right to revise its privacy policy from time to time. We recommend therefore that you check regularly for the most recent version of this Schiphol App Privacy Statement and the Schiphol Group Privacy Statement.

This version was drawn up on 12 December 2016.

Schiphol Nederland B.V.