Data processing: Shopping

Which personal or other data do we process?
Schiphol offers space and facilities to various retailers. These retailers are controllers of the data they process about you. Schiphol does not play a role in this.

You can order products via the Click & Collect webshop and pick them up on the day of your departure. For more information about this, read the privacy statement regarding Click & Collect.

When making purchases in the terminal, your boarding pass will most likely be scanned.
Reason for this is that retailers need to know whether they need to pay taxes. In case your destination is outside EU, your purchase is tax-free. This means that the retailer does not have to pay taxes. On each receipt the (possible) tax is indicated. This is needed in case of any check by Customs.

When your boarding pass is scanned, the flight number, flight route and travel class is processed. With this information the retailer can define to which destination you fly. Flight number, destination and a unique anonymous code (combination of boarding card info and key that is unknown to Schiphol) are shared with Schiphol, jointly with some details about your purchase (shop, till id, articles and amount).

Schiphol cannot use this information to trace your identity.

Why do we process your (personal) data?
The retail units send the till data to Schiphol so that we can identity which products sell well and which do not. We use this information to optimise the services offered in the retail units. We therefore have a legitimate interest in processing these data.

How long do we retain your details?
The (anonymous) till data is processed for analytical purposes with no retention.

Who do we share your data with?
The retail units themselves have access to the data regarding the purchases made at their establishments, such as date and time of the purchase of specific items. Schiphol does not have insight in for example payment information, loyalty card information, etc. This information is processed and managed by the retailer.

Furthermore, we only share data with retailers at Schiphol that cannot be traced to a single individual.

Who is the controller?
The retail units at Schiphol are responsible for the data they share. Schiphol Nederland B.V. does not process personal data.

This version was issued 22nd December 2020.