Privacy and Cookies: We promise to respect your privacy

In this document we explain clearly and briefly how Schiphol respects your privacy. A more detailed legal document can be found in our Privacy Statement and Cookie Statement.

Schiphol wants to bring you an excellent digital experience as a visitor to our site. These services aim to improve the efficiency, well-being and convenience for any visitor that uses Schiphol’s website, from anywhere in the world. In doing so, we are committed to respecting your rights to privacy in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Please see below to understand how this aligns with our core values.

HOSPITABLE We are responsible for protecting your privacy. If we do use your personal information, we are proactive and transparent with you about how we intend to do so. In part because of this you retain control over your privacy.

EFFICIENT We only work with personal information if necessary. If your personal information is not needed, we will remove it.

TRUSTWORTHY We always process and store any personal information we collect securely. Any personal data is only shared with external parties when necessary and under appropriate conditions.

INSPIRING We use innovative technology to improve your travel convenience. We do that with respect for your privacy. We ensure that our digital services factor in your privacy through security by design, privacy by design and privacy by default*.

SUSTAINABLE We find it important that you feel comfortable returning, so we invest in a long and positive travel experience, which includes your privacy.

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Security by design: Information security is considered from the time we begin developing any service. It is an ongoing factor in the monitoring and research of any process – whether implementing, designing and building applications and/or systems.

Privacy by design: Schiphol focuses on privacy-enhancing measures during the development of products and services (such as information systems).

Privacy by default: We also account for data minimisation. This means that we process as little personal data as possible, and only that which is necessary to achieve the goals of processing the data. In this way, Schiphol can technically enforce careful and responsible handling of personal data.