Travel with ease: Check-in

Online check-in

Many airlines allow you to check in on their website up to 24-hours before departure. You can print out your own boarding pass, or have it emailed to you to be scanned on your smartphone at the gate.

Checking in at Schiphol

Self-service kiosk

You can obtain a boarding pass at one of the self-service check-in kiosks in the departure halls. The blue self-service check-in kiosks are for KLM/SkyTeam companies and the yellow ones are for other companies.

At the desk

At the check-in desk, an employee will print out your boarding pass and check in your baggage at the same time. Consult the screens in the departure hall for the check-in desks servicing your flight.

How to drop off your baggage

Self-service baggage drop-off

Many airlines now use automated baggage drop-off machines. To use them, simply follow the instructions on the screen, print out your baggage label and attach it to your baggage as instructed. Your baggage will be directed to the correct flight automatically.

At the desk

One of your airline's employees will place your baggage on the belt and attach baggage labels.

Check in on time

If you need to check in at the airport, make sure you arrive well in advance. Adhere to the following times:

  • For European flights, please arrive around 2 hours before departure.
  • For intercontinental flights, please arrive around 3 hours before departure.

Please follow the advice of your airline. And please account for extra time if you have special baggage or require assistance.

Hand or hold?

If you plan to travel with hand baggage, it’s a good idea to check in at home. That means you will be able to go straight to security and passport control, since you will already have a boarding pass with you when you arrive at Schiphol. This can save time, especially during busy periods.

If you plan to travel with hold baggage, it doesn't matter that much whether you check in at home or at the airport.

What you should know when you travel with children

Are you travelling with a minor? Please keep the specific rules applied by the Dutch authorities and airlines in mind. Check with your airline what you need to know and do when travelling with kids, before you set off.

Self check-in

Bigger, better and faster

Schiphol wants your airport experience to be smooth and efficient. That’s why we constantly refine our ways of doing things. New self-service facilities are added periodically, like automatic baggage check-in. These initiatives reduce the time you spend in queues, so you can be on your way as quickly as possible.