Your trip off to a good start: Check in at Schiphol

At Schiphol, you can check in for your flight in several ways. The fastest is to check in online at home. It is smart to do this at home now because it saves time and prevents you from coming into contact with an employee at Schiphol. Plus that you already have your boarding pass with you.You can also check in at the airport by using the self-service kiosk and baggage drop area, or at your airline’s check-in desk.

Online check in from home

Many airlines allow you to check in online or using the app up to 24 hours before departure. You can print your boarding pass from your own printer, or scan your boarding pass at the gate using your smartphone or tablet. If you plan to travel with hand baggage only, it’s best to check in online from home – that way, you can walk straight to Security and Passport Control with your boarding pass. This may save you time, especially during busy periods. In addition, you can bypass the queues and prevent contact with an employee, making it easier to maintain the 1.5-metre distance.

Check in at a self-service kiosk or desk

You can check yourself in for your flight at a self-service check-in kiosk in the departure halls. The kiosk will print out a boarding pass. The blue self-service kiosks are for KLM / SkyTeam airlines, and the yellow ones for several other airlines.

You can also go directly to your airline’s check-in desk. The airline representative will print your boarding pass and check in your baggage. Your interaction with the check-in desk employee will be safe as you will be separated from each other by a plastic screen. Simply check the website, app or screens in the departure halls to see the location of your check-in desk.

Drop off your bags at a self-service kiosk or counter

More airlines than ever have automated their baggage check-in processes. This is particularly useful if you checked in online – just head to the self-service baggage drop-off kiosk at Schiphol and follow the on-screen instructions. A baggage tag will be printed, which you affix to your bags, before they are being transported to your plane.

You can also check in and drop off your baggage at the check-in desk, where a representative will tag and process your bag for you.

When to arrive at Schiphol

Please check your airline’s website to find out when you need to arrive at Schiphol. This usually depends on your airline, your destination and the opening times of the check-in desk. In general, you should arrive at Schiphol:

  • 2 hours before departure, when travelling to a European destination
  • 3 hours before departure, when travelling to an intercontinental destination.

Please add more time accordingly if you have odd-sized baggage, are travelling with a pet, or need extra help or assistance.

Travel with children

There are additional rules and regulations that govern travel with underage children. Please prepare before you travel by asking your airline about any particular rules they may have.

Check in your pet

Check in will be different if you plan to travel with your dog, cat or another small pet. You will need to check with your airline for any particular rules before you arrive at the airport.

  • Extra assistance

    Arrange a special assistant with your airline, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • How busy is Schiphol?

    Find out what time you should arrive at Schiphol and more

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to check in at Schiphol?

Online check-in is the easiest and fastest option for most travellers, especially if you are only travelling with hand luggage and if the airport is busier than usual. You can also check in at the self-service check-in kiosks and drop-off areas with a couple of airlines. Or simply visit your airline’s check in desk for your boarding pass and to drop off your baggage.

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When should I plan to arrive at the airport?

How long you should plan to arrive at the airport before your flight, depends on where you are going. Please check your airline's website for up-to-date advice and your check-in desk’s opening time. We normally advise 2 hours in advance for European flights, and 3 hours for intercontinental flights. You should also find out whether there are traffic jams, road or rail works and adjust your journey to Schiphol accordingly.

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How do I request extra assistance at Schiphol?

You can request additional assistance at the time of booking your ticket or trip. Your airline or travel agency will then inform us of your request. Please ensure that you make your request to your airline or travel agency up to 48 hours before departure. We are unable to guarantee this service with less than 48 hours’ notice.

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Can I have my baggage sealed at Schiphol?

Yes, you can. Drop by Seal & Go in Departures 2 and 3, in front of the check-in desks. It can be safer and more secure to seal your bags, and doing so also protects them from scratches.

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