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  • Packing your hand baggage

    Do you know what's in your hand baggage? And what to do with liquids, electronics, medicines and baby food?

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    What time should I arrive at Schiphol? Do I need to wear a face mask? Will I need a negative Covid test result?

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    Stay up to date and have a personal itinerary at your fingertips with the Schiphol app.

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  • Can you fly in a thunderstorm

    Only moments before it's your turn to board, thunder and lightning emerge in the distance. What do you do?

  • Enter the queues well-prepared

    Schiphol is currently extremely busy due to the May holiday and a shortage of staff, causing long queues. Will you be flying from Schiphol?

  • Sustainable upgrade at Schiphol

    Contractors at Schiphol are becoming more and more sustainable. A great example is the upgrade of the Regionals Platform, home base for KLM Cityhopper.