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  • Smooth transfer

    When transferring at Schiphol, you need to have a health declaration with you. Check what else you need for your transfer.

  • Travel FAQs

    Do I need to wear a face mask? Am I allowed to transfer? Do I need a health declaration and a negative COVID test result?

  • Arriving at Schiphol

    Check if you need to quarantine after arriving in the Netherlands, and whether a test, vaccination or proof of recovery is required.

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  • Polar bears in the snow at Schiphol

    You come across all sorts of things at Schiphol. During winter, you might even spot a polar bear! Where? How?

  • Friendly faces at challenging times

    If you ever find yourself needing help or a listening ear at our airport, you can count on the support of Schiphol's Airport Chaplaincy.

  • Do I have to wear a face mask at Schiphol?

    We kindly request that you wear a face mask from the moment you enter Schiphol to when you get to the plane, or from the moment you disembark to when you leave the airport.