Work at Schiphol: ... And what you need in order to do so

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More about work at Schiphol

  • Parking for companies and staff

    View parking areas at Schiphol.

  • Free public transport at Schiphol

    You can enjoy free bus travel within the Schiphol area using your Schiphol Pass. Just load the Schiphol Flex or Annual Schiphol Subscription (JAS) onto your personal OV chip card.

  • Discounts with your Schiphol Pass

    You can get up to 25% discount at various shops and food & drink establishments with your Schiphol Pass or Plaza Discount Pass.

  • Schiphol Learning Hub

    The Schiphol Learning Hub helps you stay professionally competent (and achieve your ambitions). All your required online courses and certifications can be found on the platform.

  • Work safely at Schiphol

    Safety first. This principle also applies to your job. By adhering to the rules and regularly undergoing further training, you are helping to keep Schiphol safe.

  • Subversive criminality at Schiphol

    Criminals sometimes try to take advantage of our infrastructure and operation. Together, we can tackle subversive criminality. What should you keep an eye out for and where can you report suspicious situations?

  • Permits at Schiphol

    For anybody not in possession of a Schiphol account who coordinates, prepares or carries out activities inside the Schiphol safe area (all Schiphol grounds).

  • Known Transporter

    For vehicles in and around the terminal, including the logistics streets, Schiphol has a landside access policy. Does your company regularly visit the stand-off zone with a vehicle? If so, it makes sense to register as a Known Transporter.

  • Schiphol-East access policy tightened

    As of 1 June 2023 you need a Schiphol Pass that has a 'black dot' or a crew pass for access to Schiphol-East behind Checkpoint 2.