Projects at Schiphol: Building the future of Schiphol together

Schiphol is constantly evolving. We are building a new pier and an additional viaduct, renovating the piers and gates, and improving the aircraft parking facilities. That's not nearly all. Are you curious about the various construction and renovation projects and what they might mean for you? Let us bring you up to speed.

We follow guidelines from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and ahere to Bouwend Nederland's safety protocol when carrying out all of our construction works.

New pier

Schiphol is preparing for the future. The construction of the pier is steadily progressing. This new pier means eight new gates for Schiphol. By using the existing space more effectively, travellers, passengers and airlines will soon have more space for themselves.

The new pier
  • for 20 million passengers
  • 56.000 m²
  • 4 floors, 3 are for passengers

Departures and Lounge 1 refurbishment

Schiphol will become one terminal richer in 2023. However, we want to be able to comfortably accommodate the increased number of travellers well before then. That’s why Departures and Lounge 1 will be re-established, renovated, refurbished and expanded. A mezzanine will offer more space for security, check-in and waiting areas in Departures 1. The lounge will also have some adaptations, including more shops and facilities.

Departures & Lounge 1
  • Building has begun in 2018
  • More space and facilities
  • Extra mezzanine space
  • Final completion by 2022

Pier upgrades

The Pier Upgrade project will make airport travel smoother than ever before. When we introduced a new central security area a few years ago, it created a lot of space for the 81 gates from piers D-G. These areas are being redesigned for a second time – with comfortable seating areas, work stations, luxury bathrooms, and increased food and recreation options. That means you can enjoy Schiphol even more until the minute you depart.

D-G pier upgrade
  • Ready in 2021
  • 95% complete
  • 4 piers
  • 81 gates

Other building projects at Schiphol

  • Completing Schiphol’s dual taxiway system

    We are doubling taxiway Quebec. This will reduce queues and delays, and make the ground situation clearer for Air Traffic Control.

  • Uniform platform

    We are expanding the Uniform platform at Schiphol from five buffer positions to eleven. This provides more space to temporarily park widebody aircraft.

  • Multimodal Hub Schiphol

    We expect the number of public transport users to increase over the coming years. In order to provide them with more room and travel comfort, we’re making adjustments to the station area. We’re building the Multimodal Hub Schiphol.