Cookie Statement: Cookies improve your user experience

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. They ensure the optimal functioning of the site and collect data in order to make the displayed information as relevant as possible to you.

When you visit, Schiphol and parties we collaborate with may place cookies on your computer. You may also see advertisements from Schiphol without the use of cookies.

Read our privacy statement if you want to know precisely how we deal with personal data.

Types of cookies on

We use a number of cookies with different properties:

  1. Functional and analytical cookies are required for basic functionality of the website and improving the ease of use. By anonymously monitoring our visitors' behaviour we can change our service accordingly. This is about basic things like our website's structure, the way our users navigate the site and whether or not the content of our site is found sufficiently when searching for it. Also, this enables us to remember choices or selections users made, for example enabling us to not have to make you login twice. Because these cookies are essential for the functioning of our website, they cannot be turned off.

  2. Cookies for relevant content are used because we want to be relevant for our visitors. Based on your surfing behaviour we can show you content relevant for your interests. You can choose whether or not you want to give us permission to use these cookies.

  3. Cookies for relevant ads and targeted offers remember your surfing behaviour, so that you can receive offers in line with your interests on and outside of our website. Furthermore, we can disable offers when you have already used the product advertised or when you have already seen them a couple of times. Without these cookies there is a chance that you will see ads irrelevant for you more often. Also, based on these cookies your visit to our website will be remembered and gathered data will be shared with third parties like advertisers. This type of cookie is also optional and can be turned off.

For a detailed list of all cookies we place, please check the list further down on this page.

Which third parties place cookies on your computer through our website?

Schiphol collaborates with parties in the fields of social media, visitor statistics, advertisements and streaming video which also place cookies on your computer. Our partners are: Google (Analytics, Adwords, Gmail, Display, DV360), Double Click, Bing Search Marketing, TradeTracker, Facebook, Digital Audience & Objective Partners.

How do you benefit from cookies?

Thanks to cookies, we can analyse surfing behaviour and make offers relevant to you. They also enable us to prevent you seeing the same offers all the time. We are constantly improving our online service thanks to the analysis of trends and behaviour on our website.

Can you refuse or delete cookies?

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can set your browser to reject cookies automatically. You can also remove cookies manually through your browser settings. Switching off cookies may affect the ease of use of and other websites.

If you want to switch off Google cookies, visit the Google page for opting out of seeing personalised ads.

If you do not want advertisers to analyse your online behaviour, you can indicate this on the following website: Your Online Choices.

Detailed cookie overview