By taxi to and from Schiphol: A relaxed start to your journey

Do you travel to Schiphol by taxi or take a taxi to travel from Schiphol? Your taxi will always stop right outside the departure and arrival halls. You can choose a regular taxi, a luxury Schiphol Business Taxi or a Schiphol Travel Taxi minibus.

  • Standard taxis are readily available

    Put your baggage in the boot, get comfortable and let your driver take you where you need to go.

  • Schiphol Travel Taxi’s for economical short trips

    These larger taxis are ideal if you’re travelling with a group, or want to share space and costs with other travellers.

  • Schiphol Business Taxi’s for luxury travel

    If you want the ultimate in comfort with outstanding service, then opt for a luxury taxi to and from Schiphol.

Pick-up and drop-off at the doorstep

Get in a taxi at Schiphol's official taxi rank in front of Schiphol Plaza, for a quick and easy onward journey. Always follow the signs for taxis so you know you are getting into an approved taxi. If you come to Schiphol by taxi, you will be dropped off in front of your departure hall.