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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a transfer at Schiphol take?

It all depends on your arrival time at Schiphol and the departure time of your connecting flight. We can give you personal advice based on your flight details. Search for your arriving flight and click on flight details for more information. Compare this with the departure details of your connecting flight to find out how much time you have for your transfer and which gate you need to go to.

Can someone help me with my transfer at Schiphol?

We would be pleased to assist you. If you indicated that you need help at Schiphol at the time when you booked your trip, our assistants will be ready and waiting to help you with your transfer. Once you’ve landed, they will be waiting for you at the gate and will guide you to the departure gate for your connecting flight. Read more about assistance with connecting flights at Schiphol.

Where can I find a map of the airport?

Every lounge contains at least one information board with a map of the area on it. You can also view our interactive map.

Does Schiphol offer free WiFi?

Yes, we offer free WiFi. You can go online anywhere at Schiphol by logging in to the Airport_Free_Wifi network. This network is useful for short text messages and emails and allows you 4 hours of automatic access. After that, you can log in again for free straight away. Read more about free WiFi at Schiphol.

Where can I smoke at Schiphol?

There are special smoking areas at Schiphol, where you can go before you catch your connecting flight. Simply follow the signs for ‘Smoking Area’ or ask directions in any of our cafés or bars. Outside of these areas, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the airport. Read more about smoking at Schiphol.

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