Airport Utilities: Schiphol’s network managers

Schiphol Utilities ensures that all companies at the airport have access to gas, electricity and water for drinking and extinguishing fire. We also arrange for the disposal of waste water. Furthermore, we offer companies at Schiphol-Zuidoost additional high quality extinguishing facilities. For this, we manage and maintain an extensive network of cables, pipes and installations.

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Ready for the future

The energy landscape is in a period of transition. Consider the growth of sustainable alternatives, development of electric vehicles and stricter emission requirements. Therefore, we demand more of our energy procurement, network infrastructure, information and collaboration with partners at Schiphol. Thus, we contribute to a reliable and future-proof energy and water cycle at the airport.

Our reliable networks

We are closely involved in planning airport developments and our networks for gas, water, electricity and waste meet high quality standards. It is important that we maintain reliability and availability of services and work to keep the number of issues to a minimum.


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