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There will always be a car space available that fits your needs at Schiphol. We have several parking options, even if you want to leave your car with us for 48 hours or more. You can select low cost parking, or a space close to the terminal. Whatever option you choose, you can leave your car here with peace of mind.

  • Long-term Parking at P4 Basic Parking

    P4 Basic Parking is an excellent choice for visitors who require low cost and longer-term parking. P4 is a 10-minute bus ride to Departures, and the bus goes to and from P4 every 15 minutes, 24/7. Whether you plan to be away for a short or long trip, we make sure that you’re back at your car in no time. Reservations are necessary for P4 Basic Parking and can only be made on our website.

  • P3 Long-term Parking – Parking Lot

    The parking lot at P3 can accommodate more than 10,000 cars and is the biggest at Schiphol. That means there’s always a free car space. You can park here for 48 hours or more without prior reservations. However, you can make a reservation to be 100% sure that your car space will be waiting for you.

  • P3 Long-term Parking – Car Park

    You can choose to park inside the P3 Car Park building to keep your car dry. There are many conveniences inside the car park – for instance, the number of free car spaces are displayed overhead, and there are a number of EV charge points for electric cards. Reservations are not strictly necessary, but we recommend making one to ensure you have a spot.

  • P6 Valet Parking

    For extra convenience, consider parking at P6 Valet Parking. You simply drive in to the P6 car park, hand over your keys, then take a leisurely 2-3 walk to Departures. Your car will be parked at a separate location at the airport in an enclosed area. We will monitor your flight data and ensure that your car will be there ready to collect just after you land. P6 Valet Parking is only available by making an online reservation.

  • P1 Holiday Parking

    P1 is very close to Departures and is normally used only for short-term parking. However, you can park there for 48 hours or more with an exclusive reservation. Reservations are required for P1 Holiday Parking, mainly because there are a limited number of parking spaces available.

Compare all our parking options

  EV-charge points Reservation required Covered parking Time to Departures How to drive in
P1 Holiday Parking Yes Yes Partially 2-3 min.
Number plate or credit card
P3 Long-term
Parking- Lot
No No No 5 min.
by bus
Number plate or credit card
P3 Long-term
Parking – Car Park
Yes No Yes 5 min.
by bus
Number plate or credit card
P4 Basic Parking Yes Yes No 10 min.
by bus
Only with number plate
P6 Valet Parking Yes Yes No 2-3 min.
Only with number plate

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View, change or cancel your reservation. For example change the dates of parking, number plate or your personal details.

Priority parking for Privium Plus members

Special car spaces exclusive to Privium Plus member. Only a quick stroll to departures, just park and go. Make your booking now.

Parking for the mobility impaired

All airport-based car parks have accessible car spaces located near lifts, entrances and exits. View our list of accessible parking locations.

Electric vehicle (EV) charge points

Return to a fully-charged car by using our EV charge points. Pending availability and full charge not guaranteed. Check our list of all electric vehicle charge points.

Claim a refund for double parking costs

If your parking reservation costs were paid twice, you can request a refund for the extra cost.

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We have solutions for you, even if you want to park for a short amount of time. Simply enter your travel dates to find out what car spaces are available, and where.

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