Advertise at Schiphol : All eyes on your brand

Make a big impact with little effort

  • Every target audience

    Everyone visits Schiphol, from young people to professionals

  • Huge audience

    More than 63 million passengers pass through Schiphol every year

  • Time to spare

    Passengers spend about 156 minutes on average strolling around Schiphol

  • From billboard to baggage belt

    • Promotions

      Travellers can experience your brand personally and in prime locations with 'point of sale'

    • Digital media

      Be seen on large format digital display screens in the lounges, or on a digital network

    • Lightboxes

      Get your brand seen by using a high quality lightbox in a highly visible spot

    • Giant banners

      Your brand can make a splash with banners of up to 25 metres wide and 8 metres long

    • Concepts

      Customised and creative concepts that leave a strong impression

    • Specials

      Attract more attention from travellers with specials to get your brand noticed

    See how your brand identity can take off at Schiphol

    • Arthur de Groot

      Sales director Schiphol Media

      Arthur de Groot
    • Merijn Schildkamp

      Key Account Manager

      Merijn Schildkamp
    • Jérôme Legger

      Brand Partnerships Manager

      Jérôme Legger
    • André Wilderdijk

      Key Account Manager

      André Wilderdijk
    • Nicolette Nelis

      Account Manager

      Nicolette  Nelis
    • Jan-Pieter Komen

      Marketing & development manager

      Jan-Pieter Komen
    • Judith Bartelsman

      Traffic Coördinator

      Judith Bartelsman