Weekend getaway or a quick stop: Short-term parking

Short-Term parking at Schiphol offers ultimate convenience and time-saving. With quick access to the terminal and secure parking facilities, you can rest assured that your car is safe and enjoy your trip with peace of mind. Take a look at the available Short-Term parking options here.

  • P1 Short-Term parking

    P1 parking is ideal for quick drop-offs or pick-ups. It is a 2- to 6-minute walk to the terminal. You can also park your car hassle-free at P1 if you’re going away for a long weekend.

    P1 pick-up and drop-off is covered and nearby, so it is perfect for picking up or dropping off travelers.

  • P3 Short-Term parking Sheltered

    P3 Short-term parking Sheltered is an option if you plan to stay longer than 8 hours, and still want quick access to the airport. P3 Short-Term parking Garage offers the possibility to charge your EV during your trip. The shuttle bus will get you to the terminal in 5 minutes.

  • P3 Short-Term parking Unsheltered

    P3 Short-Term parking Unsheltered is an option if you plan to stay for longer than 8 hours, want affordable parking and still want quick access to the airport. Additionally, P3 Short-term parking Unsheltered offers an baggage loading and unloading station. The shuttle bus will get you to the terminal in 5 minutes.

  • P6 Short-Term Valet parking

    If you are looking for a bit of added luxury, Short-Term Valet parking is a great option. And if your journey is longer than 8 hours, P6 Valet parking offers a safe and secure option with 24/7 surveillance. Leave your car with one of our staff members and be in the terminal within 2 minutes.

Short-Term parking? Compare our products

Minimum parking period EV charging Booking essential Covered parking Time to Departures hall Access
P1 Short-Term parking None Yes No Yes 2-3 minute
By number plate or credit card
P3 Short-Term parking - sheltered At least
8 hours
Yes No Yes/No 5 minutes
by bus
By number plate or credit card
P3 Short-term parking - unsheltered At least
8 hours
No No No 5 minutes
by bus
By number plate or credit card
P6 Valet parking At least
8 hours
Yes Yes Yes 2-3 minute
By number plate

Most requested information

Can I change, extend or cancel my reservation for parking?

Yes, this is possible until 24 hours in advance. You can change or cancel your reservation here. Have you driven in yet? Then extension is no longer possible. Additional costs will then be charged, which you can pay at the payment terminal upon return.

Changing the dates of parking, the license plate of the car, or your personal details is free of charge. Important: if you change your reservation, you will automatically receive a new reservation number. Carefully save the reservation confirmation (and any changes we send you by e-mail). It will contain the most complete information.

The parking fees will only be refunded if you selected the cancellation option when you made the reservation. It is easy to add it when you make your reservation. The €5 charge for adding this option will not be refunded when cancelling your reservation.

Privium Plus members can always change or cancel their reservations for parking free of charge (membership benefit). This can be done until 1 minute before the start of their reservation.

Please note, you can no longer change or extend it in the interim if you have already parked your car. This also applies to Privium Plus members.

Priority parking for Privium Plus members

Special car spaces exclusive to Privium Plus member. Only a quick stroll to departures, just park and go. Make your booking now.

Parking for the mobility impaired

All airport-based car parks have accessible car spaces located near lifts, entrances and exits. View our list of accessible parking locations.

Electric vehicle (EV) charge points

Return to a fully-charged car by using our EV charge points. Pending availability and full charge not guaranteed. Check our list of all electric vehicle charge points.

Claim a refund for double parking costs

If your parking reservation costs were paid twice, you can request a refund for the extra cost.

Terms and conditions Schiphol Parking

All services and Schiphol Parking Schiphol Valet parking only apply to the full terms and conditions.

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