Prepare for your journey: Prepare for your flight

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a busy airport, so it pays to be well prepared to avoid potential delays. Schiphol and our airline partners will do all we can to make your experience as safe and comfortable as possible. You can also prepare yourself using the tips and information below.

Prepare for your journey

Important travel information

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Frequently asked questions

When should I plan to arrive at the airport?

How long you should plan to arrive at the airport before your flight, depends on where you are going. Please check your airline's website for up-to-date advice and your check-in desk’s opening time. You should also find out whether there are traffic jams, road or rail works and adjust your journey to Schiphol accordingly.

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How do I prepare for travelling with children?

If you are travelling with minors, you will indeed have to take a number of additional things into consideration. On the page Travel with children you can read more about the extra rules and regulations that you have to take into account during your preparation.

Why did I still have to queue, even though I arrived at Schiphol on time?

We always do our very best to ensure that you reach your departure gate quickly, comfortably and safely. But queues are unavoidable when there are a lot of travellers at the airport at the same time. During peak periods, we deploy extra staff to keep things moving. We never relax our rules at Security because safety is always our first priority. We appreciate your understanding for any delays that may be caused. You can also prepare for the security check and pack your hand baggage efficiently in order to save time.

Where do I park to pick up or drop-off travellers?

When bringing or collecting travellers by car, follow the Parking (‘Parkeren’) signs to the P1 Short-term Car Park. From there, it’s 3-6 minutes’ walk to Departures and Arrivals. You can also drop off departing travellers directly in front of the check-in area (follow the ‘Vertrek'/'Wegbrengen’ signs), but you are not allowed to park or wait there.

Can I take my pet with me on the plane?

That depends upon your airline. Some do allow small pets (cats, dogs, etc.) in the cabin, others do not. If they are permitted, there are limits on the size and weight of the animal and rules for the dimensions of its carrier. Please check with your airline for its policy and regulations.

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Do I always need to bring my passport when travelling abroad?

If you have a valid passport, we strongly advise you to bring it when travelling through Schiphol. Whatever your destination, you will almost certainly be required to carry valid ID there. In some cases, this does not necessarily have to be a passport. When travelling within the Schengen zone, you can also use an official national identity card. A valid passport is required elsewhere.

Your airline will also check your passport or identity card against the details on your ticket, to confirm that you are the registered traveller.

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