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Schiphol’s Privacy Statement is intended to inform you how, why and for what length of time we collect and store information about you. It is also to inform you about how you can manage this information. This document applies to all instances where personal information is processed by Schiphol, on behalf of Schiphol, or by any of its subsidiaries at the Schiphol location. A summary of the Privacy Statement continues below, which is intended to provide you with the most important points in an easy-to-read way. You can read the full text here.

1. Personal information processed by Schiphol

Schiphol processes the following personally-identifiable information, and not more than is necessary, based on these specific reasons:

  • Personal information
  • Camera images
  • Passport information, membership information, iris template (Privium)
  • Payment information
  • Number plate numbers (for parking)
  • Email address and website behaviour

2. How we collect your information

Schiphol collects your personal information in several ways.

Firstly, we collect the information that you provide to us. For example, when you book a car space, or are a member of our Privium loyalty programme. We also receive your personal information from other parties, such as boarding pass details provided by the airlines.

Secondly, we make use of camera images and WiFi signals in order to ensure a safe and efficient airport. We use these images and signals to measure how many people are present at the airport at any given time. This information is the basis of estimated waiting and completion times.

Finally, we collect your information if you use online services such as the Schiphol website, app or social media channels. We do this through cookies and similar technologies. We will inform you about this beforehand and expressly ask you for permission.

3. Why Schiphol processes your personal information

Schiphol has a statutory duty to ensure we operate a safe airport. Some examples of how we achieve this are our use of cameras for crowd mapping purposes, and to ensure the necessary security checks take place. In addition, it is necessary to process personal information so that passengers and baggage reach their destination safely and efficiently.

We also process personal information for the provision of services to customers and travellers, like parking, our loyalty programmes and See Buy Fly products. But we also use online services like the web, app and social media. In all of these cases, we need the information to implement the agreement that we have entered into with you, or that which you have given us permission for the use, to process your personal information such as contact details.

Finally, we process the personal information of people who work at Schiphol, or who have applied for a job at Schiphol.

4. How we protect your personal information

Schiphol makes every effort to optimally protect your personal information against loss and unauthorised use. We take more stringent security measures based on the information’s sensitivity. All Schiphol employees and partners who see your personal information as part of their work are obliged to maintain confidentiality, and to comply with the statutory privacy rules. We agree to and make written records of these terms.

5. Your rights

If Schiphol processes your personal information, you have the right to request to:

  • View your information
  • Change your information
  • Delete your information
  • Transfer your information to another party
  • Ask us to stop using your information
  • Object to the processing of your information.

In all of these cases, you can make a written request to the Data Protection Officer by email at We will get back to you as soon as possible about the processing of the request.

6. Recipients of your personal information

Your personal information may sometimes be shared with other parties – in cases where Schiphol uses them to perform certain tasks, or because Schiphol must comply with legal obligations. The most common examples include airlines, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (Dutch Police) and other government agencies such as the police and judiciary. Schiphol may, in certain cases, transfer personal data to countries outside the EU. If that happens, Schiphol will ensure that the transfer and the processing by third parties takes place in accordance with the statutory regulations.

7. Contact

Schiphol has appointed an Data Protection Officer (DPO). The Data Protection Officer acts as the internal supervisor with regard to Schiphol’s data processing activities. If you have questions about the way we deal with your privacy, or if you want to invoke any of the abovementioned rights, please send an email with your request to

8. About this Privacy Statement

It is important that our privacy statement remains current, and may be changed if the situation demands. The date of the last change is reflected at the bottom of the statement. You can also find the Privacy Statement here.

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