How to get to Schiphol: Transport yourself to Schiphol

Your journey begins once you arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You can easily reach the airport by public transport, including train, bus and taxi. Trains arrive at Schiphol Station, located right underneath Schiphol Plaza (the airport’s main public entrance hall). If you plan to drive, parking is located close to Departures.

Ride the train

The Schiphol Airport Train Station is right under the airport. From there, you can take a lift or escalator to Schiphol Plaza, the airport’s main foyer. It’s close to Arrivals, and a minute or two’s walk to Departures.

Come by car

Schiphol is easy to reach and there are many excellent parking options. When you get to Schiphol, follow the signs to Short-term Parking (up to 48 hours) or Long-term Parking (3 days+). You’ll always find a parking space that suits you.

Catch the bus

It’s easy to take a bus to Schiphol – the bus depot is right outside Schiphol Plaza, the airport’s main foyer. It’s a few steps walk to and from Arrivals and Departures.

Take a taxi

You can opt for a regular taxi, a luxurious Schiphol Business Taxi, or a minivan from Schiphol Travel Taxis. Many taxi companies have special discount rates to Schiphol.