- Airside

Development of the new pier and terminal on airside – where the planes land and take-off – is going well. We are also pushing the existing piers a little to make room for additional aircraft parking positions, which requires a lot of effort. Everything must change to realise these developments, including carriageways, stations, taxiways and terminals.

Space for more travellers and planes

The airside plans have tight planning, which means that the works will be visible to travellers and people who work at Schiphol. That includes traffic diversions, construction work and moved car park buildings. Airside staff at Schiphol may have to take alternate routes. We will create additional space for aircraft and travellers and try to limit any inconvenience as much as possible.

These are our plans

Dit is de planning - airside project
Who it affects
What will change
Where it will change
When it will happen

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