- Landside

Airport renovations are quite hard to miss – and that’s certainly true of Schiphol. A lot has to happen in a relatively small area. We’re building a new pier and terminal, replacing roads and signs, as well as laying cables, pipes and other infrastructure.

Change is in the air … and on the ground

‘Landside’ is the area that’s freely-accessible to travellers, visitors and drivers doing drop-offs or pick-ups at Schiphol. That includes Departures, Arrivals, the terminals, public transport hub, roads and car parks. Changes have already been made to some of these areas, with more to come as works continue on the new pier.

These are our plans

Dit is de planning - Landzijde
Who it affects
What will change
Where it will change
When the changes will occur

Interview about the night of 1001 signs

There are new driving routes and signs all over Schiphol. Between 31 September-1 October, Wayfinding Project Manager Peter van Wijk was on hand during the ‘Night of 1001 signs’ between 31 September – 1 October. He looks back on that night with satisfaction.

Interview Marco Schravesande: Renovating Schiphol

Project manager Marco Schravesande is currently involved in part of the infrastructural adjustments on landside. As Marco himself said, ‘roads, intersections, pipelines ... everything that’s needed around the construction of the new pier and terminal.'

Perform today. Create tomorrow.