Tunnel safety

Some adjustments have been made to the tunnels that lay under Schiphol’s runways. The Buitenveldert Tunnel and the Kaagbaan Tunnel have been equipped with the latest safety systems. The Buitenveldert Tunnel was opened in June 2019 and the Kaagbaan Tunnel followed at the end of summer 2019.

Renewal of the tunnels

The renewal of the tunnels has taken three years of work. The Buitenveldert Tunnel had the most radical renewal. There were intersections created before and after the Buitenveldert Tunnel to steer traffic in the right direction, so that there is now only one-way traffic in the tunnel. This also makes it possible to easily redirect traffic in case of an accident in one of the tunnel tubes. In addition, new concrete was poured for two of the four pipes. Both the Buitenveldert Tunnel and the Kaagbaan Tunnels were equipped with new safety systems. Those safety systems include new lighting, public address systems, fans, escape routes and fire extinguishing systems. The tunnels are now also monitored 24/7 by the Control Centre in the terminal. Furthermore, the tunnels comply with the renewed Tunnel Act.

You can watch a video clip about the Buitenveldert Tunnel renewal here

Did you know

  • 10,000 m2 of concrete rubble was removed and 2050 m3 of new concrete was poured during the concrete renewal of the Buitenveldert Tunnel. 120,000 kilos of reinforcements were installed for reinforcement and 60,000 adhesive anchors were installed.
  • Tunnel safety was a pilot project for Madaster, the register of materials set up by circular building guru Thomas Rau. We know exactly what materials were used in the tunnel, which is very useful if we want to use materials in other projects in the context of the circular economy. Smart LED lighting also reduces energy consumption by 80%.
  • The Buitenveldert Tunnel also includes a work of art! The 146 windows in the bicycle tunnel, which were closed to increase fire resistance, have now been turned into a rainbow of coloured surfaces that wind their way through the tunnel. The rainbow is interrupted by images of the environment in sky, water, wind and earth. That will help cyclists feel a bit more connected with the outside landscape.