Tunnel safety

The tunnels under the runways at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are being modified. Half of the tunnel tubes are being reconcreted and new safety systems are being installed everywhere. The concrete renovation work on the Buitenveldert Tunnel is complete and the tunnel has been given new lighting, public address systems, ventilators, firefighting systems and much more besides. These new systems were tested in April 2019. Moreover, a new escape route is being constructed in the Kaagbaan Tunnel.

building new tubes
driving through modern tunnels

Facts & figures

The concrete renovation of the Buitenveldert Tunnel was completed at the end of 2017. Junctions were also created at the entrance and exit to direct the one-way traffic to the correct lane. We worked on the tunnel-related systems from March 2018 to March 2019. We started work on the Kaagbaan Tunnel at the end of 2018. As was the case for the Buitenveldert Tunnel, this tunnel is being given an escape route and new technical equipment and the monitoring work will be done from the Control Centre.


The Buitenveldert Tunnel is nearly complete. The safety systems were tested in April 2019 so the tunnel could be taken into use in May 2019. In the Kaagbaan Tunnel, we are working hard at creating an escape route and new safety systems.

New concrete, new systems

The Buitenveldert Tunnel and the Kaagbaan Tunnel are being modified. Escape routes and new systems will ensure that, in the event of an incident, motorists, cyclists or other drivers can be brought to safety more swiftly. Control centre staff in the terminal will also be able to view the situation in the tunnels 24/7 using CCTV and will see to it that the emergency services are directed to the right location in the event of an accident. The Buitenveldert Tunnel recently had its access roads modified and smart traffic lights installed to ensure efficient flow of traffic.

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