Tunnel safety

Two tunnels underneath Schiphol’s runways are being renewed. Half of the tunnel tubes will be fitted with new concrete walls, and new technology will be installed in both tunnels. Renovation work on the concrete walls of Buitenveldert tunnel is now complete. New lighting, public address systems, ventilators, fire extinguishing systems and much more are now being added to further improve safety. Work on Kaagbaan tunnel is set to start in December.

Today building new tubes
Tomorrow driving through modern tunnels

Facts & figures

Renovation work on the concrete walls of Buitenveldert tunnel was completed at the end of 2017. Other renovations included the addition of crossings at the entrances and exits in order to guide one-way traffic to the right lane. Work on the tunnel technological systems started at the beginning of March 2017. Two of the tubes for Buitenveldert tunnel have now been completed. Work will start on Kaagbaan tunnel at the end of 2018. Just like Buitenveldert tunnel, Kaagbaan tunnel will have an escape route, new technological features and remote monitoring from the Control Centre.


Technical adaptations to Buitenveldert tunnel will be completed in 2019. All systems will be fully tested and are scheduled to be operating by May. We are also hard at work on preparations for Kaagbaan tunnel. Reconstruction work will start December 2018.

New concrete, new tech

The importance of safety is reflected in the nature of the renovation work on Buitenveldert tunnel and Kaagbaan tunnel. Escape routes and new technology will ensure that motorists and cyclists can get to safety quickly and with ease in case of an incident, and the terminal’s Control Centre will be able to monitor the tunnels 24/7, shortening emergency services’ response times. In addition, Buitenveldert tunnel now has shorter supply roads and smart traffic lights to ensure traffic flow.

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