Tunnel safety

Schiphol’s tunnels that run beneath the runways are undergoing some changes. New concrete has been added to half of the tunnel tubes, and new safety systems were installed everywhere. The Buitenveldert Tunnel is now ready and in compliance with the Tunnel Act. The tunnel has been equipped with new lighting, public address systems (speakers), fans, fire extinguishing systems and much more. We are currently testing the new safety installation systems at the Kaagbaan Tunnel.

building new tubes
driving through modern tunnels

Facts & figures

Adjustments are being made to the Buitenveldert and Kaagbaan tunnels. There are now escape routes and new installations to ensure that motorists cyclists and drivers can get to safety faster in the event of an incident. The Control Centre at the terminal will now also observe the tunnels 24/7 through cameras and will ensure that emergency services can on-site arrive quickly in case of any accidents. There is now an adapted supply route with smart traffic lights to ensure good traffic flow installed at the Buitenveldert Tunnel. In this way, we are able to guarantee safety and accessibility.


The Buitenvelderttunnel is ready. The new safety installations at the Kaagbaantunnel are being tested this summer. The tunnel will close for several nights in order to carry out those tests. Our plans who that we will complete the tunnel after the summer.

New concrete, new systems

  • 10,000-m2 of concrete rubble was removed and 2050-m3 of new concrete poured during the Buitenveldert Tunnel’s concrete renovations. 120,000 kilos of reinforcements were installed increase strength, and 60,000 adhesive anchors were installed.
  • Tunnel safety is a pilot project for Madaster, the materials register established by circular construction guru Thomas Rau. We know exactly what materials were used in the tunnel, which is very useful if we want to use materials in other projects centred around the circular economy. Smart LED lighting also reduces energy consumption by 80%.
  • An artwork has also been installed in the Buitenveldert Tunnel. The 146 windows in the bicycle tunnel, which had to be closed due to fire resistance, have now been turned into rainbow-coloured surfaces that have been placed intermittently throughout the tunnel. The rainbow is interrupted by environmental images, such as sky, water, wind and earth. This helps cyclists feel a bit more connected to the landscape outside.
  • The work on the Buitenvelderttunnel is finished. Watch a clip of the work on the Buitenveldertunnel .

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