- Improvements to tunnel safety

Schiphol worked with the relevant authorities on the Tunnel Act, which has now been put into force. We are now at work modernising the Buitenveldert Tunnel, which also includes the Diensttunnel. In 2018, the Kaagbaantunnel will also be modified. These modernisations will ensure that the tunnels meet modern safety standards, produce a smooth flow of traffic to minimise any interruptions, and ensure that Schiphol Airport remains easily accessible.

New concrete and installations

The Buitenveldert and Kaagbaan Tunnels will be fully modernised. Flight routes and new installations will ensure that you will be able to get yourself to safety even faster in the event of an incident. From now on, a control centre based at the terminal will monitor the tunnels by camera 24/7. In case of an accident or incident, emergency services will be alerted immediately. Foreways and smart traffic lights will also be adapted around the tunnels to help improve traffic flow. We will also repair concrete where necessary.

These are our plans

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