New pier

By 2019’s end, the new pier will be partially in use with plenty of green space, more art than ever, and even playgrounds for the kids. We are working hard to open the pier for parking and aircraft handing by the end of 2019. However, the pier will not be totally ready by then. 8 new gates will be added – 5 for small aircraft on the north side, and 3 for large aircraft on the south side.

Foundations already in place

The construction work is proceeding at a steady rate. We want the new pier to be up and running by the end of 2019. Thanks to the dedication of the designers and the builders, this target is well within reach. The piles are in the ground and even the foundations are already in place.

These are our plans

Dit is de planning - airside project

Who is building it

Schiphol and the AECOM team – in close collaboration with Cepezed, Imd, dGmR and Copijn – have joined forces to design the pier of the future. With the construction of the new pier, our aim is to accommodate the growing number of travellers and aircraft at Schiphol. According to the latest forecasts, we can look forward to welcoming around 14 million travellers every year. The extra space we are creating will enable us to guarantee airlines and travellers the smoothest possible journey through Schiphol, both today and in future. It will also strengthen our position as an international hub.

What’s being built

The addition of 8 new gates means a more efficient traveller flow. That’s great news, as traveller numbers are on the rise. One new pier gives Schiphol 8 new gates in 2 categories – 5 for narrow-body aircraft on the northern side, and 3 for wide-body aircraft on the southern side. This is a smart and flexible solution. The gates for large aircraft can easily be converted into gates for small aircraft if necessary. At a later stage, 2 extra wide-body gates will be added to the southern side of the new pier. The 3-storey structure is about more than just efficiency. It has more art, more live plants and playgrounds for the kids. Thanks to our focus on sustainability, energy efficiency and air quality, we are already calling this our greenest pier yet.

Where it’s being built

The new flexible pier will be built near Cargo Station 1. The bare foundations currently mark the location, which will soon be the site of 8 brand new gates. In a later phase, these will be supplemented by 2 extra large-aircraft gates. Meanwhile, the airside bus station is due to double in size.

When will it be built?

The pier is currently being built and should be open for parking and aircraft handling by the end of 2019. Even by then, the pier won’t be completely finished. There are still a good deal of works taking place on landside while it’s in construction, which cover everything from fencing to roads and taxiways. Works will continue well into 2023, when the corresponding new terminal will open its doors.

  • New terminal

    The new terminal will be up and running in 2023. The new terminal will be light and spacious and features a wealth of smart solutions.

No pier without permits

Building the new pier and terminal at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol involves an awful lot of paperwork. Jeanine Mocking is the permits coordinator and ensures that everything is applied for and sorted on time. ‘We’ve already made at least 150 applications.’

Schiphol’s plans for the future

We are hard at work preparing Schiphol for the future – under a very tight deadline. Planner Pieter-Bas Siebers has been involved with the construction of the new pier and terminal since day one.

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