Project nieuwe pier: New pier

A lot of greenery, more art and even playgrounds for the kids. We’re working hard to build the new Pier A. Thanks to this new pier, Schiphol will have increased capacity – more aircraft will be able to park here and we’ll be able to handle more of them. There will be seven additional gates: four on the north side for narrow-body planes, and three on the south side for wide-body planes.

With a green focus we are working on a sustainable future for Schiphol.

Facts & figures

The new pier will be the most sustainable at Schiphol, thanks to design elements such as biomaterial, insulating glass, reusable plastic and marble rubblework tiles. In addition, there are 4000 square metres of solar panels on the roof and the toilets are flushed with captured rainwater.

  • Upon completion, the new pier will be 370 metres long, 40 metres wide and 20 metres high with a floor area of 57,500 square metres.
  • By equipping the seven new gates with MARS (Multiple Apron Ramp System), we can deploy them more efficiently and thus handle up to eleven aircraft simultaneously.
  • Passengers will soon be able to make use of thirteen security lanes. We are creating a separate lane for crews.
  • The project also involves the construction of two bus stations – one for transfer passengers and one for arriving passengers.
  • We are constructing four conservatories, each containing three trees. That way, we bring a bit of nature indoors.


BAM will start work in September. In the first phase of the project, we will be making plans together with BAM and determining the expected costs for the completion of the pier.


We are working hard on the pier. The facade exterior and the gatehouses are almost complete. Glass has been installed in the facade.

Insiders info

  • No pier without permits

    Building the new pier and terminal at Schiphol involves an awful lot of paperwork. Jeanine Mocking is the permits coordinator and ensures that everything is applied for and sorted on time.