: Completing Schiphol’s dual taxiway system

Schiphol’s central area is almost completely ringed by a dual taxiway for aircraft, Alfa and Bravo. Both taxiways are usually used in only one direction for arriving and departing traffic. Taxiway Quebec, however – to the south of the terminal buildings – is still a single lane. Doubling this last section and linking it to the taxiway system will reduce queues, delays, and complex situations for Air Traffic Control.

stop-start direction changes
smooth traffic

Facts & figures

Building a second viaduct over the A4 motorway, moving huge buildings, finding new premises for the tenants and much more: doubling taxiway Quebec is going to be a complex operation. But it will be worth it. Independent traffic flows make everything much clearer for Air Traffic Control, reducing operational risks. It also means that aircraft will spend less time waiting for each other to move. Safe and future-proof.

To comple Schiphol’s dual taxiway system we will need:

  • 200 x 50 m is the size of the new, expanded viaduct over the A4 (2 football pitches)
  • 35,000 cubic metres of concrete was used in the project (2,400 trucks)
  • 220,000 m2 of new asphalt for the two-lane carriageway (33 football pitches)
  • 400,000 m2 of construction site


We will be building the new taxiway in phases. We want to be able to start using part of it in 2021. If it all goes to plan, the whole project will be completed in 2023. After 2025, plans include another route alteration to improve the present taxiway.

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