To get Amsterdam Airport Schiphol ready for the future, a lot has to happen on the ground too. More flight services and more passengers result in a greater need for parking spaces and facilities. We are currently busy building new parking areas.

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Schiphol is changing, and so is parking

A large number of parking spaces disappeared when the P2 car park was demolished. There are now various other parking facilities at Schiphol to replace them. The most important new parking products are P1 Short-term Parking, P3 Long-term Parking, P4 Basic Parking and P6 Valet Parking.

These are our plans

Dit is de planning - Parkeren

Who it affects

Parking will be different for pick-ups and drop-offs. That’s why it’s good to stay abreast of any planned renovations and how the new roads will look. In general, staff parking will be unaffected by the changes.

What will happen

The P2 car park will be decommissioned, so new car spaces will be created elsewhere. This is partly due to the new pier and terminal construction projects. The new parking facilities will ensure that there is room for anyone who wants to park at Schiphol.

Where it will change

Schiphol Parking is changing along with Schiphol. P2 at Schiphol Centrum will be decommissioned to make room for a new pier and terminal. Also:

  • The P1 car park will be extended and redesigned for short-term stays, and an extra entrance will be added
  • The P3 multi-storey car park will be extended.
  • A large new car park is being built on the north-western side of Schiphol. Cars can be parked there for 3 days or longer by using our new valet service in the P6 multi-storey car park.

Roads and signage will also be adapted to ensure Schiphol remains easily accessible.

When it will all take place

P2 will no longer be in use from 1 October 2017. Anyone parked there will be able to leave within the month, but will not be able to return. Demolition of the building will take place from 1 November 2017 onwards. In the meantime, preparations for new car spaces and car park buildings are already underway.

This will be the new situation

Frequently asked questions

Who are the new parking spaces for?

Whether you are collecting somebody or travelling yourself, parking at Schiphol has changed. It is important to know when the various alterations are taking place, and how you can access the new parking facilities. Staff parking will generally remain unchanged.

How is parking at Schiphol changing?

The P2 car park was demolished partly due to the construction of the new pier and terminal. Various new spaces have been created so that there is enough space for everyone to park at Schiphol.

Where are the new parking spaces being built?

The airport is undergoing development, and Schiphol Parking is changing too.

  • The P1 car park opposite the arrival and departure halls has been extended and rearranged to cater for short-term parking, and an extra entrance has been added.
  • The P3 Long-term parking car park is currently being extended.
  • If you use the P6 Valet Parking service, your car will be parked in a large new car park located on the north-western side of Schiphol. This is ideal if you want to park your car for more than 48 hours.
  • It is easy to find a parking space in the compact and convenient P4 car park. You park at Schiphol, where the free express bus, which runs every 15 minutes, takes you to the terminal in 10 minutes. P4 Basic Parking is located next to the A4 and A9 motorways, close to P3 Long-term Parking.
  • Roads and signage have also been updated so that Schiphol remains easily accessible.

As a result, it is still possible to park or be dropped off within a few minutes' walking distance of the terminal.

When will the new car parks be completed?

The P2 car park was demolished in October 2017. Most of the construction work for the new car parks and parking spaces has already been carried out. We are currently extending the P3 car park. In 2019, there will be 2535 extra parking spaces there, and the brand new roof will be fitted with solar panels.

Interview about the parking facilities

Marianne van Scherpenzeel is the Programme Manager for Renewed Accessibility and Parking (RAP) at Schiphol. She makes sure that all necessary measures will be taken when multi-storey P2 car park is decommissioned. She is also involved in the development and building process of our new parking facilities.

Interview about the demolition of P2

P2 has an almost eerie emptiness, and only a handful of cars remain parked there. This sets the stage for demolition works on P2, which began on 1 November. Project Manager Dennis Veltkamp will be supervising the demolition.

Interview about P1 car park’s new wing

We are welcoming more travellers to Schiphol than ever, which means we need more places to park. One of our solutions is to expand the P1 car park. Schiphol Project Manager Wouter Slotman and his right hand William de Graaf of construction company Ballast Nedam and their teams will ensure that these car parks welcome their first visitors by the end of September.

Please contact us with any questions