Pier upgrades

Security checks have not been carried out at the gates since 2015, when central security was introduced. As a result, it freed up a lot of space on Piers D and G. We took the chance to opportunity to rebuild them and create additional amenities. That means more comfort for travellers – and also for airlines and baggage workers, who now have more space in which to work.

5 years and 4 piers later

Upgrading Piers D, E, F and G will make Schiphol even more pleasant. Among other things, we will add comfortable seating, workspaces, modern restrooms, more restaurants and more shops. The piers will be arranged according to an ‘open space concept’, with lots of space and light. It will feature rugged concrete tones, modern white walls with black contrasts, which will make Schiphol look and feel very contemporary.

Before and after

These are our plans

Dit is de planning - upgrade pieren

Who it affects

18.5 million travellers pass through Piers D-G at Schiphol every year. There are 81 gates being rebuilt, which will be of great benefit to travellers, airlines, baggage handlers and anyone else working at Schiphol.

What we are doing

Schiphol will be even more enjoyable, thanks to the Pier Upgrade project. After adding Central Security a few years ago, we now have the chance to renovate and rebuilt the non-Schengen D, E, F and G Piers. The rewards to travellers will be great, with more comfortable seating and workplaces, luxury restrooms and more shops and restaurants.

  • 4 piers will be refurbished
  • 81 gates will be redesigned
  • 70.600 m2 of space will be transformed
  • There will be 1700 m2 of new commercial space.

Where it will happen

With a new boarding process, there is now more room created to refurbish and upgrade Piers D, E, F and G. The 81 gates are quite austere but also adequate for its current use. When they are upgraded, there will be more variety and quality, to make them more enjoyable for travellers.

How long it will take

The Pier Upgrade Project will last for several years. It will also be built in phases, which means we will be able to minimise the impact on daily airport processes. The adaptations will begin with Pier G, followed by F, D and E. Everything will be completed by the end of 2020.

AI Mezzanine_02_def

Strukton and Schiphol work together

Roland van Rouwendaal is a project manager at Strukton, the construction company that won the tender for the upgrade of piers F and G last year and is hard at work at Schiphol.

The Schiphol chair test

In the coming years, we will be upgrading the non-Schengen piers (D, E, F and G), which also means we will be installing new furniture. Project manager Ankie van der Niet explains how we at Schiphol ‘go shopping’ for new chairs and benches.

A clean and tidy new look for Schiphol

Project Manager Martijn Hoogenboezem is involved with the new design and décor for Piers D-G at Schiphol. That involves everything from seating to floors to plants and more.

A fresh new look for the piers

4 piers at Schiphol are getting a fresh new look - plus a few tantalising extras! Ann Geebelen, Commercial Project Manager at Schiphol, says that Piers D-G 'will get a calm, natural look, while travellers will provide the splashes of colour'.

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