Pier upgrades

Since the introduction of central security at Schiphol a few years ago, security checks are no longer carried out at the gates. This freed up a lot of space on piers D through G. We used that extra space for an extensive upgrade.

A wide range of comfortable seating areas and workspaces, modern sanitary facilities, more food and drink establishments and more shops has made travelling through our airport even more enjoyable. The piers were designed according to the open space concept, meaning lots of space and lots of light. With the finishing touch of natural stone walls contrasted by black, Schiphol is stepping into the future.

What did we do?

The airport is currently quieter due to the coronavirus crisis, but 18.5 million passengers usually travel to destinations all over the world from piers D to G every year. By upgrading these piers and redesigning 81 gates, we’ve made sure that you have a comfortable spot to sit or work while you wait for your flight. A total area of 70,600 m2 has been transformed and there's an extra 1,700 m2 for new commercial outlets.

Facts & figures

Throughout this project we focused on comfort and on making the piers greener.

  • Two trees (for the experts: Ficus Lyrata) measuring 7 metres high were placed at the heart of Pier F.
  • At other locations we’ve also brought the outdoors inside by constructing two 70-metre green walls.
  • It goes without saying that such large walls contain lots of plants. 2,170 in one and 3,006 in the other, to be exact. In addition, more than 1,000 plants have been incorporated into the furniture on the piers.
  • Want to relax a while before your flight? You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to places to sit on the upgraded piers thanks to 750 new seats, 1.2 kilometres of new seat cushions and 600 metres of back cushions.
  • 3,500 m2 of terrazzo has been incorporated into the renovated piers, as well as 4,300 m2 of natural stone.

Insiders info

  • Calm and richness at the new Pier E

    The refurbishment of Piers D to G is in full swing. Pier E will be the last in line, and with its dark green walls it will look a little different from the others. Kjeld van den Ende, architect at NACO, tells us more about this.

  • Upgrade pieren en duurzaamheid: een een-tweetje

    Levende bomen, groene wanden met planten, energiezuinige ledverlichting en hergebruik van materialen: het is allemaal te vinden op de pieren D tot en met G. Waarom? We willen de pieren voor passagiers mooier maken, maar ook verantwoordelijk omgaan met de aarde.

  • Strukton and Schiphol work together

    Roland van Rouwendaal is a project manager at Strukton, the construction company that won the tender for the upgrade of piers F and G last year and is hard at work at Schiphol.

  • The Schiphol chair test

    In the coming years, we will be upgrading the non-Schengen piers (D, E, F and G), which also means we will be installing new furniture. Project manager Ankie van der Niet explains how we at Schiphol ‘go shopping’ for new chairs and benches.

  • A clean and tidy new look for Schiphol

    Project Manager Martijn Hoogenboezem is involved with the new design and décor for Piers D-G at Schiphol. That involves everything from seating to floors to plants and more.

  • A fresh new look for the piers

    4 piers at Schiphol are getting a fresh new look - plus a few tantalising extras! Ann Geebelen, Commercial Project Manager at Schiphol, says that Piers D-G 'will get a calm, natural look, while travellers will provide the splashes of colour'.