Redevelopment: Lounge 1

Schiphol is constantly evolving. Now that the redevelopment and upgrade of Departures 1 is complete, we're starting to transform Lounge 1. We’re extending the lounge, making adjustments to walkways and expanding the range of amenities, like food & drink establishments and shops. The ultimate passenger experience is at the heart of the redesign. We are dividing the lounge into three areas, each with their own look and feel, but which form a natural whole thanks to their colour, shape and materials. We are ensuring that passengers can find their way with ease and that travelling is comfortable and hassle-free.

'We are renewing and expanding Lounge 1 for the future of Schiphol'

Facts & figures

  • Lounge 1 in its current form was completed in 2005 and is therefore around 17 years old.
  • We are redesigning 24,000 square meters of floor space in total. Some of this space will be given a different function. We're adding part of the old crew centre to the new lounge, for example.
  • The three areas we are dividing the lounge into are: landside (with the Welcome/Goodbye zones), airside (containing the Relax zone) and Cloud (which the Explore zone is a part of).


The redevelopment of Lounge 1 will take place in five phases consisting of thirteen sub-projects.