All Schiphol projects: A birds-eye view

Take a look at all projects taking place at Schiphol right now. Please see the downloadable chart for the locations


  • New pier and terminal

    More space to grow

  • Departures 1 and Lounge 1

    Traveller numbers at Schiphol continue to rise. We will reconfigure Departures & Lounge 1 in a smarter way.

  • Piers D-G upgrade

    Better options while you wait

  • Landside

    Now major improvements. Soon maximum convenience.

  • Parking

    Enhanced parking areas close to the motorway

  • Tunnel safety

    Tunnels and road connection modernisation

  • Baggage

    Building a seamless baggage handling system

  • Airside

    Giving airside a fabulous facelift

  • System integrator

    Integration to modernise our operational processes

  • Logistics hub

    Schiphol is building a logistics hub in order to manage the many construction and renovation projects currently underway at Schiphol.

Realized projects

  • Kiss & Ride revitalised

    As traveller numbers continue to grow, we have made various adjustments to the Kiss & Ride area.

  • Completed: Schiphol Boulevard

    The project to widen Schiphol Boulevard has now been completed. This gives traffic and suppliers more space to get in and out of vehicles.

  • New exit now in use

    The new motorway exit for local traffic from Amsterdam is in use. Other traffic will flow better and drivers can now reach Schiphol Centrum faster.

  • 1001 road signs in place

    New roads need new signs. That is why we adjusted more than half of the signs in and around the airport.

  • Temporary Departure Hall

    Space for 2 million extra travellers

  • Decommission P2

    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol needs more space in order to keep up with the growing number of travellers and air transport movements. We have demolished the P2 car park to create more space.

New pier’s contours to be visible this year

The Capital Programme has made great progress in the last 1.5 years under the stewardship of Director Bernardo Gogna. “We achieved all of the goals we set for 2017, and we want to do that again this year”.