All Schiphol projects: A birds-eye view

Take a look at all projects taking place at Schiphol right now.


  • New Pier

    With the arrival of the new pier, you can be assured of a smooth journey via Schiphol in the future too.

  • Completing Schiphol’s dual taxiway system

    We are doubling taxiway Quebec. This will reduce queues and delays, and make the ground situation clearer for Air Traffic Control.

  • Redevelopment Departures & Lounge 1

    More and more people are traveling through Schiphol. By redeveloping Departures & Lounge 1, we are creating more space and facilities.

  • Upgrade Piers D to G

    Comfortable seating areas and workspaces, modern sanitary facilities and more shops and eateries: Traveling through Schiphol will be even more enjoyable with the upgrade to these piers. 

  • Uniform platform

    We are expanding the Uniform platform at Schiphol from five buffer positions to eleven. This provides more space to temporarily park widebody aircraft.

  • Multimodal Hub Schiphol

    We expect the number of public transport users to increase over the coming years. In order to provide them with more room and travel comfort, we’re making adjustments to the station area. We’re building the Multimodal Hub Schiphol.

  • New terminal

    The light and modern terminal will offer room for millions of arriving and departing passengers. This new terminal will be built to the south of Schiphol Plaza, right next to the air traffic control tower.

Realized projects

  • Landside

    Landside is the area freely accessible to travellers, visitors and people dropping others off or picking them up. The area includes the departure and arrival halls, terminals, roads and car parks. A lot of work has been done on the roads and pipelines.

  • Parking

    P1, P3, P4, P5, P6….What is missing here? Exactly: the P2 parking garage. That is because it has been demolished. Instead, we have worked on other, smarter parking solutions.

  • Tunnel safety

    Some adjustments have been made to the tunnels that lay under Schiphol’s runways.

  • Logistics hub

    Schiphol is building a logistics hub in order to manage the many construction and renovation projects currently underway at Schiphol.

  • 1001 road signs in place

    New roads need new signs. That is why we adjusted more than half of the signs in and around the airport.

  • Temporary Departure Hall

    Space for 2 million extra travellers