All Schiphol projects: A birds-eye view

Take a look at all projects taking place at Schiphol right now. Please see the downloadable chart for the locations


  • New Pier and Terminal

    With the construction of a new pier and terminal, you are guaranteed a smooth journey through Schiphol in your future travels.

  • Redevelopment Departures & Lounge 1

    More and more people are traveling through Schiphol. By redeveloping Departures & Lounge 1, we are creating more space and facilities.

  • Upgrade Piers D to G

    Comfortable seating areas and workspaces, modern sanitary facilities and more shops and eateries: Traveling through Schiphol will be even more enjoyable with the upgrade to these piers. 

  • Landside

    A lot needs to happen on landside as well. In the coming months, we are laying cables, pipes and other infrastructure.

  • Uniform platform

    We are expanding the Uniform platform at Schiphol from five buffer positions to eleven. This provides more space to temporarily park widebody aircraft.

  • Completing Schiphol’s dual taxiway system

    We are doubling taxiway Quebec. This will reduce queues and delays, and make the ground situation clearer for Air Traffic Control.

Realized projects

  • Parking

    P1, P3, P4, P5, P6….What is missing here? Exactly: the P2 parking garage. That is because it has been demolished. Instead, we have worked on other, smarter parking solutions.

  • Tunnel safety

    Some adjustments have been made to the tunnels that lay under Schiphol’s runways.

  • Logistics hub

    Schiphol is building a logistics hub in order to manage the many construction and renovation projects currently underway at Schiphol.

  • 1001 road signs in place

    New roads need new signs. That is why we adjusted more than half of the signs in and around the airport.

  • Temporary Departure Hall

    Space for 2 million extra travellers

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