Schiphol’s new logistics hub

Schiphol’s logistics hub manages the many construction and renovation projects currently underway at the airport. The site is located south of the airport. It covers approx. 130,000 square metres and provides space for people, machinery, vehicles and building materials.

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A flexible hub

The logistics hub is a chain of buildings in a park-like area. It is a place where hundreds of people involved in the project can work, meet, gather and change clothes. There are around 2,500 parking spaces, a building material storage and transfer point, and a shuttle service to Schiphol. It is a dynamic area for everyone and everything needed to revamp Schiphol.


The logistics hub is used by people involved with Schiphol’s various construction and renovation projects, like contractors, builders, drivers, Schiphol employees, etc.


The hub is a well-organised logistics centre. It is there to ensure that construction and renovation projects run smoothly. It covers an area of over 130,000 square metres.


The hub is just a few minutes’ drive from Schiphol-Centrum, right next to the N196. There are new entries, traffic lights and an intersection, which serves to minimise any inconvenience caused to local residents and traffic.

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Construction on the hub began in 2017. First the parking spaces were planned and put into use, then the structure of the chain park began in early 2018. It is now in use, as are the shuttle buses. Other works are still in progress.

Interview about the logistic hub

Schiphol’s construction and renovation projects will get their own logistics hub. As an Interface Manager, Geert Steenmeijer ensures that the development of this construction site outside the N196 runs smoothly.