New high-voltage substation at Schiphol Centre

In January 2024, construction will start on a new high-voltage substation on the piece of land between Schiphol Boulevard and Westelijke Randweg. This will ensure that Schiphol has increased grid capacity. In 2027, the newly-built substation will supply the terminal, offices and other buildings with electricity. Schiphol’s goal is for all of its own buildings at the airport to be off the gas grid and to switch to electric equipment by 2030. That’s why, in the summer of 2023, Schiphol and Liander signed a cooperation agreement for the construction and management of this new station.

The layout of the new station will not be typical. Thanks to a variety of small trees, bushes and plants on the green domed roof, the buildings will be integrated in the environment. Combined with adjacent water storage, this will provide space for nature and biodiversity. The hill-like design means that the station will blend in with its surroundings. It’s a robust, future-proof power source that’ll last between 40 and 60 years.

Facts & figures

  • The high-voltage substation is an upgrade for the existing station located at Energieplein.
  • The distance (in a straight line) between the two stations is 175 metres.
  • The total surface area of the building is almost 3500 m2 and more than 300 piles will be used for the foundation.
  • The domed roof is 11 metres tall and has an opening of more than 30 metres in diameter.
  • A water feature of 2000 m2 will be constructed next to the substation.


At the start of January 2024, the ground will be prepared for construction. This includes laying a 10kV underground cable network so that sufficient power can be supplied. We expect construction to be completed in 2027.


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