Expanding: Uniform Platform

As passenger numbers at Schiphol continue to grow, airlines are responding by using increasing numbers of large aircraft for flights to and from Amsterdam. These so-called wide-body aircraft occasionally need a temporary stand if there is no room for them at the gate. Additional remote holding capacity is needed in order to accommodate this. As soon as possible. We are therefore extending one of the remote holding locations, the Uniform Platform. As a result of the building work between now and 2020, the platform is being extended to 11 buffer positions available.

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Facts & figures

The Uniform platform is a remote holding location relatively close to the gates. It currently provides space for five wide-body aircraft, but this is not enough for the current demand. As a result of the building work between now and 2020, the platform is being extended to 11 buffer positions.

For the expansion of the Uniform Platform we will need:

  • 50.000 m3 sand
  • 55.000 m2 concrete
  • 110.000 m2 asphalt
  • 2 km grid guttering
  • 2,6 km rainwater drainage


The work on the Uniform platform is being done in several phases. First the future taxiway will be used for a time as a remote holding location, taking the number of stands from 5 to 9. Further expansion in phase 2 will make 11 stands available by 2020.

Insiders info

  • Buffer zones for rainwater

    The increase in heavy rains is leading to major problems with excess runoff water. The Uniform Platform project team came up with a promising smart water buffer and drainage system in order to tackle them.

  • Cast in concrete

    The first item on the to-do list for the second phase of the expansion of the Uniform platform took place on Wednesday 8 May. Mirjam de Boer-Postmus and Siebolt Bennema each donned a pair of overalls and got their hands dirty.

  • Uniform Platform gets new look

    The expansion of the Uniform Platform is being carried out in several stages. Purpose: extra buffer zones to temporarily park wide-body aircrafts. But what’s involved in a project like a platform expansion?

  • Cables moved further underground

    We are currently running a pilot at the new Uniform platform to see if the cabling can be moved to casings in the lowest asphalts layers. ‘In the long term, this will be a lot more efficient and cost-effective.’

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