Temporary scheme: Compensation of costs resulting from queues

We understand the inconvenience caused by your missed flight and by the extra costs you incurred as a result of the security check queues at Schiphol. In light of this, we have set up a temporary compensation scheme.

What happened?

Despite the measures we have taken, it hasn't been possible to have sufficient security staff available over the past weeks and months. As a result, there have been long queues at the security check at busy times. Travellers may therefore have missed their flight and incurred costs. As it turns out, they have nowhere to go to claim back these costs.

That is an undesirable situation. Although we believe that Schiphol cannot be directly blamed due to the exceptional circumstances, we are prepared to accommodate this specific group of travellers with a special, temporary arrangement.

Who does the scheme apply to?

The scheme is intended for travellers who incurred costs as a result of missing their flight due to queues at the security check at Schiphol. You are eligible for compensation if you meet the following conditions:

  • You booked a flight departing from Schiphol between 23 April and 11 August 2022. Or you had a departing flight at 12 September 2022.
  • You were at the terminal at the time specified by your airline, and thus well before the stated departure time of your flight.
  • You missed your flight as a result of the unprecedented waiting times at security.
  • As a result of the missed flight, you incurred costs that are not being reimbursed by another party.

How does it work?

If you meet these conditions, you can submit a request for the costs you incurred to be reimbursed. In order to assess whether you are eligible for compensation we need some information from you, including your personal details, flight details, supporting documents and bank details. To provide us with that information, you can fill in this form.

Please note: to be eligible for this scheme, you must submit your request by 30 September 2022 at the latest.

We use the information you send to determine whether we will reimburse any or all of the costs incurred by you. We aim to let you know within 6 weeks at the latest. If you are indeed entitled to compensation, we will transfer the amount to the bank account you specified within 14 days.

If you have previously submitted a compensation request to us, we will contact you. You do not need to submit a request again.

What do we reimburse exactly?

You can request compensation for costs incurred when rebooking your flight or for a replacement flight, for alternative transport if you chose to travel to your destination by another mode of transport, or for additional travel costs that you incurred travelling to Schiphol again or to another airport. You may also ask for a reimbursement of accommodation costs at or near Schiphol and other accommodation-related costs, as well as transport and activities at your destination that can no longer be cancelled.

The scheme is not intended for flights that were cancelled or delayed. If that is what happened in your case, please contact your airline.