Expected crowds at Schiphol

Crowd levels at Schiphol today

Departure: not busy

We expect that you will not have to wait long at the check-in desks and security control.

How busy will it be when I fly?

How busy it’ll be when you fly depends on the day and the departure or arrival hall you need to be in. Enter your flight details below to check crowd levels in your personal itinerary.

What time should I be in the departure hall?

Look up your flight on top of this page or at the departures page and see what time the check-in desk opens. We recommend you be in the departure hall at that time. Your personal itinerary will also show you where to go for your flight. Always want to have your itinerary close at your fingertips? If you do not yet have the Schiphol app on your mobile: download the app here, find your flight and click on 'Follow your flight'. Your itinerary will then always appear as soon as you open the app.


What time should I be at Schiphol?

If you are travelling with hold baggage or if you have not already checked in online, consult your airline regarding what time the check-in desk will be open. Otherwise, you might end up waiting longer for nothing. If you're travelling with hand baggage only and you have already checked in online, keep to the time your check-in desk opens so that you arrive at Schiphol on time. There's no point in arriving earlier – if your check-in desk or baggage drop-off isn't open, you'll be waiting unnecessarily. You should therefore always find out what time you need to be at Schiphol either by consulting your airline or by checking your personal itinerary.

Where can I park at Schiphol Airport?

There are several parking facilities you can use. In this overview you will find the options. Do you have another question about parking? Then go to our frequently asked questions about parking.

Can I change, extend or cancel my reservation for parking?

Yes, this is possible until 24 hours before the drive-in date and time. You can change or cancel your reservation here. Have you driven in yet? Then extension is no longer possible. Additional costs will then be charged, which you can pay at the payment terminal upon return.

Changing the dates of parking, the license plate of the car, or your personal details is free of charge. Important: if you change your reservation, you will automatically receive a new reservation number. Carefully save the reservation confirmation (and any changes we send you by e-mail). It will contain the most complete information.

The parking fees will only be refunded if you selected the cancellation option when you made the reservation. It is easy to add it when you make your reservation. The €5 charge for adding this option will not be refunded when cancelling your reservation.

Privium Plus members can always change or cancel their reservations for parking free of charge (membership benefit). This can be done until 1 minute before the start of their reservation.

Please note, you can no longer change or extend it in the interim if you have already parked your car. This also applies to Privium Plus members.

Can I arrive sooner or leave later than stated in my reservation?

It is no problem if you arrive a little earlier or park a little longer if your flight has been delayed or your return date has changed. Please keep in mind that this may impact the parking fee and that you may have to pay an additional fee when you return.

I have not received a reservation confirmation, what should I do?

  • Has the reservation charge been deducted from your account? If not, then the reservation was not successful. A new reservation should be made.
  • Did the reservation confirmation end up in your spam folder?
  • Do you have several e-mail addresses? Perhaps you entered a different e-mail address when you made the reservation.
  • If you did not receive your reservation confirmation but the reservation charge has been deducted, then please contact us.

Please note: check if you have received the reservation confirmation, the online rates are only valid with a reservation confirmation. Without a valid reservation you will pay the regular rate.

You can of course also contact us with any other questions.

How can I apply for a Privium membership?

For more information about Privium and to apply for membership, click here.

What is the best way to check in at Schiphol?

Online check-in is the easiest and fastest option for most travellers, especially if you are only travelling with hand luggage and if the airport is busier than usual. You can also check in at the self-service check-in kiosks and drop-off areas with a couple of airlines. Or simply visit your airline’s check in desk for your boarding pass and to drop off your baggage.

Read more about Schiphol’s check-in process

Can I make use of baggage drop-off?

Many airlines offer the possibility of checking in online at home. That saves time at the check-in desk. For even more convenience, you can make use of the self-service baggage drop-off at the airport. Just follow the instructions, tag your baggage and before you know it your suitcase will be on its way to the plane.

What items may be brought on-board in my hand baggage?

Thanks to the new CT scans at Schiphol, you can leave liquids and electronics in your hand baggage at the security check. We still recommend you to pack liquids (and gels) in your hold baggage, and only bring bottles/containers of up to 100 ml in a resealable and transparent 1 litre bag in your hand baggage. Bottles/containers exceeding 100 ml are only allowed if approved by the CT scan and member of security staff. For more information, please go to our page about hand baggage.

What happens if I miss my flight?

Missing your flight is a major inconvenience. However, it doesn't necessarily mean the end of your trip. In some cases, there might be another flight to your destination that same day. Always contact your airline to find out what your options are. This also applies to baggage that has been checked in and that can perhaps be rebooked. If there aren't any other flights, there's no point in staying at Schiphol. Take a look at the missed flight page to find out what to do.