A fast and smooth security check: Prepare for security

Everyone wants to clear security quickly – so we’ve made our process as comfortable as possible. You can prepare yourself for a smooth journey through security by ensuring you’ve packed your items correctly.

Pack smart

When you reach Schiphol’s Security area, an officer will check your hand baggage and clothing to see whether you have any dangerous or banned goods with you. Security takes longer if you have a lot of bags with you, so please put any unneeded items into your check-in bags.

Smart packing starts at home

Security checklist for travellers

Please use this checklist to go through security as smoothly as possible:

  • Ensure liquids and gels are in 100ml containers and placed in transparent 1 litre zip-lock bag. Please take this bag out of your hand luggage and place it in the tray provided if requested by a security officer.
  • Please remove your laptop, tablet and other electronic device from your hand baggage and place them into a separate tray if requested to do so by a security officer.
  • Empty your top and bottom pockets of all small items, then put everything into the tray provided. Your pockets must be completely empty before the scan.
  • Remove your outer jacket, blazer and shoes higher than ankle length and put them in a tray.
  • Always follow the security member’s instructions.

icoon uitroepteken Tip

Please remember to empty your water bottle before you go to security.

Raise your hands for the security scan

Schiphol uses a security scanner that deploys Millimetre Wave Technology. It is fast and easy – you simply stand at the indicated spot, raise your arms and the scanner rotates around you in 2 seconds. If the scanner picks up any object on your skin, a security officer will perform a manual search.

Clear security even faster with Privium

As a Privium member, you will have priority in the security area and you will pass the border control in the blink of an eye. There’s less waiting, it’s calmer and you’ll get exclusive offers. Privium is a great option for anyone who travels through Schiphol more than four times a year.

Sail through security

  • Small Bags Only

    If you’re only carrying a small bag, you can use the Small Bags Only queue.

  • Some time left over

    Enjoy the airport and everything there is to do after security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the security scanner harmful to my health?

No, it is not harmful to your health. Even travellers who are pregnant or have a pacemaker can go through the security scan.

Is my privacy guaranteed during the security scan?

The scan is analysed by a computer and not a human. It cannot look through your body or take nude photos of you, which ensures that your privacy is guaranteed.

Can the security scanner see me naked?

No, the scanner does not see you naked. Indeed, the millimeter waves go through your clothes, but they do not give a nude scan as output. What’s also good to know is that the scan is analysed by a computer and not by a security employee.

How does Millimetre Wave Technology work?

The Security Scanner works with technology that uses millimetre waves. These waves are reflected by your skin and pass harmlessly through your clothes. The waves also reflect other materials, like plastic, metal, wood, iron, ceramics etc. That way, the scanner can easily detect suspicious objects.

I prefer not to go through the security scan. What can I do?

If you prefer not to go through the security scan, please talk to one of the security staff members. They will perform a thorough manual search instead.

I heard that you can leave your laptop and liquids in your hand baggage at Schiphol – is that true?

This is partially true. We are in the process of replacing the traditional X-ray machines in our security area with innovative CT-scans. However, they are not yet available everywhere at Schiphol. Security checks for flights to Schengen countries still use the regular X-ray machines, so you will still be required to take your laptop and bag of liquids out of your hand baggage.

If you are flying to a destination outside the Schengen zone, you will come across the new CT scans and are allowed to leave your electronics and liquids in your bag. The new scans are located in Departures 2 and 3, and by the security area for transfer travellers. A security officer will always inform you if you are required to take these items out of your bag or not.

Prepare for your flight