What will you wear to Schiphol?

If you’re going on holiday soon, you’re probably already thinking about which clothes to pack. But do you know what would be a good outfit to wear to Schiphol? Because the clothes you put on do actually influence how smoothly you go through the security check. Our advice? Wear fitted clothes and low shoes. Read all about the Schiphol dress code for security in this blog!

Go for fitted clothes

Does the following situation sound familiar? You’re in the queue for the security check and the person in front of you is still wearing their jacket. And so you have to wait while they take it off and put it in the tray. There’s a more efficient way! While waiting in line, get prepared by already taking your jacket off. And did you know that you also need to take off blazers and hoodies? That’s why we recommend that you wear fitted clothing to Schiphol, such as jogging trousers, leggings with matching top or thin jeans with a nice shirt. If you want to take your jacket or hoody with you in the plane, make sure to take it off at the security check

Belt on or belt off?

Perhaps your belt is an essential part of your outfit, and naturally you want to wear it on your travels. If your belt has a small, open buckle, you can keep it on when going through the security check. If it has a large, closed buckle, you’ll have to take it off and put it in the tray. Not sure whether or not you need to take off your belt? Just to be on the safe side, put your belt in your bag and then put it back on again after security.

Choose low shoes

It's always a bit awkward: going through the security scanner in your socks because you had to take off those trendy shoes. And then hopping back on one leg to put your shoes back on again afterwards. There is another way! Choose low shoes that do not reach past your ankle, such as trainers or loafers. You can keep these on when going through the scanner. Do you want to bring high shoes (above the ankle), boots or heavy walking shoes with you on your trip? Then either put them in your suitcase or make sure you can take them off and put them on easily.

Watches and jewellery

Your Schiphol outfit is of course not complete without a watch and some jewellery. And we’ve got good news for you! You can keep your beautiful ring, necklace or watch on when going through the security check.

Small bag as hand baggage

Complete your look with a small piece of hand baggage where you can put all your loose items like your phone, keys, passport and boarding pass. Then you'll have your hands free to go through security all prepared!

Get ready for security

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