Is a filled bottle allowed through security?

You’re flying from Schiphol and you have arrived at the airport security check with a filled bottle. But what about those liquids again? Are you allowed to bring your bottle with you, or do you need to hand it over at security? Good news: you can take your bottle with you! Even filled bottles are allowed, as long as they are made of plastic or synthetic materials. If your bottle is made of metal, you must empty it before going through the security check. Find out more in this blog.

Metal or plastic?

So, you can bring your filled water bottle with you. However, the material it is made from matters at the security check. Thanks to the CT scanners at Schiphol, we can scan liquids at security. This includes the contents of your plastic bottle. It is not possible to do this with metal bottles. That’s why it is important to check whether your bottle is made of metal or another (synthetic) material.

Empty it or drink up

If your bottle is made of plastic or other synthetic material, you can take it with you even when filled. You just leave the bottle in your bag when you go through the security check. Is your bottle made of metal? Make sure to either empty it or drink up beforehand. Or simply come to the airport with an empty bottle. It’s possible to fill your bottle again after security.

Rules for liquids

In addition to the drinking bottle, there are rules for taking liquids with you in your hand baggage. You may take liquids, gels, creams, ointments, pastes and aerosols with you in packaging of a maximum of 100 ml. You can take a total of 10 items of 100 ml, so a maximum of one liter. Place your liquids in a resealable, transparent plastic bag with a 1-litre capacity. Containers larger than 100 ml are only allowed if they are approved by the CT scan and the security employee during the security check.

Leave everything in your bag

You do not need to take your liquids out of your bag at the security check at Schiphol. You can leave your plastic bag in your hand baggage. However, you may need to take your liquids out for the security check at other airports. Make sure to have everything neatly packed according to the rules – it may save you time later! If you’re not sure whether you can take a filled bottle with you at a different airport, it’s best to empty it first. Or you can drink it of course. Cheers!

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