Check in at the car park with P3 Long-term Parking - Car park check-in and baggage drop-off

You can check-in your bags at the same time as you park at P3 Long-term Parking during May and the summer holidays. To do so, you must be flying with TUI or Transavia. Simply use the free check-in desk at the car park, then hop aboard the bus to Departures. You will have no heavy suitcases with you, which means you’ll be on your way in no time.

P3 car park check-in opening times

During the May holidays The P3 car park check-in desk is available during the May holidays from Friday 20 April- Monday 7 May. You can check-in at the car park between 02:00-06:00 and 09:00-15:30.

During the summer holidays The P3 car park check-in is available during the summer holidays from Saturday 14 July-Monday 20 August. You can check-in at the car park between 02:00-06:00 and 09:00-15:30.

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Check your eligibility

You can only use the Car Park Check-in Desk at P3 Long-term Parking if you meet these conditions:

  • Your flight is with TUI or Transavia Airlines
  • You park at the P3 Long-term Parking Car Park
  • You park and check in during the opening hours specified above
  • You check in at least 90 minutes before departure
  • Your baggage item is no larger than 140cm x 80cm x 50cm
  • You and your fellow traveller (s) are both personally present at the check-in desk at P3 Long-term Parking
  • You travel without pets.

Usual baggage collection applies

When you return from your holiday, you simply go to Baggage Reclaim and collect your baggage from the carousel as usual. From there, simply take the Express Bus from Arrivals back to P3 Long-term Parking. Please note that drive check in is only available when you leave the Netherlands.