Lost & found Before and After Security

Locations before security:
Baggage basement
Locations after security:
F-pier, Lounge 1
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Lost something?

It’s always upsetting to lose something, which is why we’ve made it as easy as we can to reunite you with your lost property. We collect many found objects every day – from jewellery, passports and laptops, and even complete suitcases!

If you’re still at Schiphol

Please drop by at one of our Lost and Found desks. Someone may have handed in your lost item, I.D. card or driver’s licence. You will be able to claim it back immediately, or our representative will advise you on what to do next.

Our Lost and Found desks can be found at the following locations:
- Between Arrivals 1 and 2 (once you arrive, go downstairs)
- Lounge 1, after transfer desks T2 and T3, near the C-Pier.
- Lounge 3, at the top of the F-Pier.

If you lost something on board your flight or your checked baggage is missing, please contact your airline.

If it’s the day after you lost something

Found items are taken to our central storage unit the following day. Please complete our lost object form if you want to find out if it’s there. The more characteristics of your object that you specify, the faster and quicker we will be able to search for it.

We’ll notify you within 3 days if your item has been found, or 5 days if your item was lost on-board a flight.

How to pick up your property or have it delivered

If you receive an email to tell you that your item has been found, you can collect it at the Lost & Found desk between Arrivals 1 and 2 during regular opening hours. The email will also give you the option have your property delivered by a courier.

Lost passports, driver’s licences or official I.D.

Identification and driving licenses found are collected the next day and handed over to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. You can inquire at the Customer Contact Center whether your document has been found. They can be reached via 0800-1814 if you are calling from the Netherlands. If you are calling from abroad you can reach them on +31 20 603 80 63.

If your checked baggage is lost …

Please ensure that you contact your airline immediately for any questions about your checked baggage. That’s the baggage that you hand in when you check in for your flight. They will have all the information required to help find your missing bag. Unfortunately, the Lost and Found Desk representatives have no way to access this information and cannot help you with this.

If you found someone’s lost property

Thank you for handing in any found items to your nearest Lost and Found desk.

Contact us

If you have any questions after completing the lost object form, you can contact the Lost and Found Desk on +31 20 333 0333.

Locations and opening times

Before Security

After Security

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