Go through security at a fixed time

You now have the freedom to pick your own security check time, just don't forget to book a time slot in advance. It is free, convenient and in this way you prevent jams at security. Join our virtual queue and start your journey on the right foot!

  • Fast and pleasant
  • Choose your own convenient time
  • Free and easy to use

Good to know

Before you book a security time slot, it is good to know the following:

  • Only valid for European flights (Schengen). Click here to see if your flight is included
  • Your time slot only applies to security. Allow enough time to check in (including any luggage)
  • If you arrive earlier or later than your chosen time slot, we cannot guarantee that you can make use of your booked time slot
  • Bookable from 3 days before your departure date

How does it work?

  1. Book a time slot online
  2. Immediately after your booking you will receive a confirmation email with a QR code. Keep this safe!
  3. After checking in with your airline, proceed to security within your assigned time slot.
  4. At security, follow the lane with signs for Timeslot where a Schiphol employee will scan your QR code.
  5. Breeze through security stressfree, quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I reserve a time slot?

You can reserve a time slot on the Schiphol website up to 3 days before your departure date.

Does everyone I'm travelling with have to reserve a time slot?

During the reservation process, you'll be asked how many people are travelling in your group. You can book one time slot for your whole family, so that you can go through the security check together. If you're travelling with a team or large group, it's not necessary to all book the same time slot. You can meet each other in the Lounge once you've all gone through security.

Which time slots are suitable for my flight?

Schiphol will suggest several time slots that are suitable for your flight, based on the departure time and expected crowd levels. The latest possible time slot is 1 hour before departure.

Do I need to pay to reserve a time slot?

No, this service is free of charge.

I haven't received confirmation of my time slot. Was the reservation successful?

If you saw a QR code on the screen during the reservation process, the reservation was successful. Check the spam folder in your inbox – the confirmation email may be in there. If you didn't receive an email right after making the reservation, take a photo of the QR code on the screen.

Where at Schiphol do I need to be exactly?

If you don't have baggage to put in the hold and you've already checked in online, you can go straight to the security check. Join the queue marked 'Time slots'. If you do have hold baggage or have not checked in online, you should first go to your airline's check-in desk.

What happens if I arrive earlier than my reserved time slot?

Time slots are open for 15 minutes and you are expected to be there within that time. If you arrive too early, your time slot will not yet be active. If you arrive early at Schiphol, please wait at Plaza until your time slot opens.

What happens if I'm too late for my reserved time slot?

Times slots are open for 15 minutes. If you arrive 15 minutes late, we cannot guarantee that you'll be able to make use of your time slot. In that case, we request that you go through security via the usual route for passengers without a time slot.

Why can't I reserve a time slot for my flight?

It is currently not possible to book a time slot for all flights. We are in the process of scaling up and we strive to make the time slot service available to everyone as soon as possible.

I receive an error message when I go to the reservation module. What should I do?

Refresh the page and try reserving a time slot again. If it still doesn't work, we advise you to come to Schiphol without a reserved time slot. Follow your airline's advice regarding the time you should be at Schiphol. If you have not received any advice, please go to Schiphol.nl.

What if I do miss my flight?

If you miss your flight, Schiphol is not liable for this. For more information, we refer to the disclaimer.