Get ready for security

Flying from Schiphol? Get ready for the security check. By preparing well, you can board the plane smoothly! This all starts at home: pack your hand baggage smartly, wear fitted clothing and low shoes, and book a time slot for security. You’ll find more tips on this page. Have a great holiday!

Our 3 tips for security

  • 1. Pack your hand baggage smartly

    What are you taking with you on the plane? Check what is and isn’t allowed. Liquids need to be in containers of no more than 100 ml. And did you know that you can take a bottle with you?

  • 2. Book a free time slot for security

    Don’t want to wait long at security? Go through the check at a time of your choice. It’s now possible to book a free time slot for your flight. This way, you’ll never have to queue for long.

  • 3. Wear fitted clothes and low shoes

    Want to go through the security scan quickly? Wear thin, fitted clothes and shoes that come up to your ankle. You must take off your jacket, jumper, high shoes and belt.

For a smooth security check

Standing in the security queue at Schiphol? Make sure to pay close attention to the instructions. Get ready by emptying your pockets and putting everything in your bag. Liquids and electronics such as your laptop or tablet can stay in your bag.

All questions and topics in a row

Hand baggage

What can I take in my hand baggage?

Your camera, tablet and laptop are allowed in your hand baggage, as are medicines (where appropriate with a medical certificate), dietary food and baby food. You can also take a small nail file, scissors and tweezers with you as long as the sharp part is no longer than 6 cm. You can take your liquids, gels, creams and pastes in containers of no more than 100 ml (maximum of 1 litre in a transparent bag). Look on this page for more hand baggage tips.

How large can my hand baggage be?

The rules about the size and weight of your hand baggage varies per airline. Please contact the airline you are flying with to check the maximum dimensions and weight of your hand baggage. You can also contact your airline for the rates for (additional) hold baggage.

Time slot/Waiting times

How long do I have to wait at security?

Find your flight on this website or in the Schiphol app. Scroll to the bottom of your flight details to find the itinerary. Here, you’ll see the expected waiting time. Check how busy it will be on the day you travel. We always recommend that you are in the departure hall at the time your check-in desk opens. This also applies if you have checked in online. If you want to be sure that you can go through the security check at a certain time, book a free time slot.

How can I book a time slot for security?

You can book a time slot for your flight on this website or in the Schiphol app. Enter your flight details and choose your time slot. You can book a time slot for the entire group you are travelling with. This is possible from three days before your departure date.

Where can I scan the QR code for my time slot?

At Schiphol you go to the security check from the departure hall. At the entrance to the security waiting area there is a banner indicating where you should go if you have a time slot. A Schiphol employee will scan your QR code here. If you walk past it, you will end up in a queue with people who have not booked a time slot.

Standing in line for security

Do I need my passport and boarding pass at security?

No, you can leave your boarding pass and passport in your bag at the security check. We check you and your hand baggage here, but not your ticket and identity. This happens at passport control and when you check in and board for your flight.

Can I take a filled bottle and other liquids with me?

Yes, your water bottle and other liquids are allowed in your hand baggage. But make sure that liquids and gels are in containers of no more than 100 ml. In total, you are allowed to have 1 litre of liquids, so a maximum of 10 containers of 100 ml, in a transparent zip-lock bag. Containers exceeding 100 ml are only allowed in the event they are scanned and approved by the security officer during the check. You can also take your filled bottle, as long as it is made of plastic or another synthetic material. If your bottle is made of metal, make sure to empty it beforehand. You can fill your bottle again after the security check.

Do I need to take my belt, shoes and jacket off at Schiphol?

Yes, we recommend that you wear thin, fitted clothing and low shoes at the security check. Your belt must be removed and you must always take off your jacket or hoodie. You only need to take off your shoes if they reach above your ankles. If you are wearing low shoes (below the ankle), you can keep them on for the security scan.

Can I carry things in my pockets at the security check?

The pockets in your clothing must be completely empty when you go through the security scan. Ensure that you take all items out of your pockets and put them in your hand baggage. You can do this while waiting in the queue for security. This rule applies to everything in your pockets, so loose change or tissues also need to be taken out.

Going through the security scan

Do I need to take items out of my bag at security?

No, everything can stay in your bag at security. The CT scanners at Schiphol can check the items in your bag without you having to open it. You can also put loose items, such as your passport, boarding pass, keys, phone and wallet in your bag when going through security.

Do I need to put my laptop, telephone or tablet in a separate tray?

Thanks to the CT scanners at Schiphol, it is not necessary to put electronics like laptops and tablets in a separate tray at security. You can leave your electronics in your bag.

Do I need to take off my jewellery and watch?

No, you can keep your jewellery and watch on for the security scan. Unless a security officer asks you to take something off, such as a very thick bracelet.

Will they look in my hand baggage at security?

At Schiphol your hand baggage goes through a CT scanner. It scans your baggage for prohibited items and dangerous substances. Our high-tech CT scan can even check liquids and electronics. That’s why you don’t have to take your laptop or tablet out of your bag, and why your liquids and bottle can remain in your hand baggage. If the scanner detects something unusual, a security officer will carry out a manual check of your bag. They will tell you what is and is not allowed on the plane.

Will I be searched at Schiphol?

Everyone who flies from Schiphol goes through the security scan. In the event something unusual is detected, a security officer will search you just to be sure. They may check your entire body, or a specific area indicated by the scanner. If the scanner doesn’t detect anything, you will probably not need to be searched.