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  • Wear fitted clothing and low shoes

    For a smoother security check, wear fitted clothing and low shoes. That way, you won't have to take anything off.

  • What's allowed in my hand baggage?

    Pack smart. Check what you're allowed to bring onto the plane and what the rules are regarding liquids and electronics.

  • Book your own timeslot

    From now on, you can go through security at a time of your choice, as long as you reserve a time slot.

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    Thanks to the extension of the North/South line, we can keep excellent accessibility to Schiphol and make travelling to the airport by metro possible in the future.

  • Alle lounges op Schiphol

    Want to work, shop or relax in the lounge before your flight takes off? There's plenty of choice. Want to know which lounges there are and where to find them?

  • Travelling with a hidden disability

    Travel can be stressful, especially for travellers with hidden disabilities such as autism. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard can help.