News: Pier D to receive makeover

All the paperwork has been signed: at the end of this year, work will start on Pier D. The agreement between PLuS and Stukton was finalised at the end of August, with PLuS represented by project manager Siebolt Bennema and Stukton by CEO Evert Lemmen. The intended result: a modern building with plenty of natural light and a focus on green.

Published on: 20 September 2018

Green, greener, greenest

Besides light and space, the planned overhaul of Pier D will pay particular attention to green. And because Pier D is Schiphol’s largest pier, with no fewer than 32 gates, that means lots of green. No effort is being spared: the new pier will have two green walls, covered with plants from floor to ceiling, as well as two green-roofed patios. Green will also serve as a motif throughout the new interior. Evert Lemmen: ‘We are very excited to start work on this project, and we are grateful for the trust Schiphol is once again showing us.’

Start of work

We will start work on Pier D in the fourth quarter of this year, beginning with the installation of a new toilet block at gate D8. Want to know what the new pier will look like?

Here’s a sneak peek