Interview with Martijn Hoogenboezem: Clean and tidy look for Schiphol

Project Manager Martijn Hoogenboezem is involved with the new design and décor for Piers D-G at Schiphol. That involves everything from seating to floors to plants and more. All in all, there are 4 piers and 81 gates that will be revamped. As Martijn says, “Schiphol is becoming lighter, more modern and tidied up’.

Projectmanager Martijn Hoogenboezem

Look and feel

Martijn has worked at Schiphol for 16 years. During that time, he has been involved in the completion of several projects, including the baggage hall and security filters. Martijn said: “This is a very different project. It’s the first time I’m particularly concerned with the look and feel of spaces, and using colour, materials and light. I find it quite interesting because the atmosphere at the gates really determines every traveller’s experience. However, it also means that I have to take many opinions into account – quite a lot of opinions, too!”.

Visibility of the first contours

Some parts of the piers were renewed in early 2018, when the first contours became visible. “We removed countless high walls around the gate boarding areas and replaced them with low glass fences, for example. This makes the piers feel much more light and spacious. The new decorations will be added soon, like great seating and workplaces, beautiful floors and natural stone walls. These elements must work together to create a tight, light and attractive milieu. I call it a ‘clean-up’”.

Sit back and relax on board

Martijn is looking forward to the moment when the first pier will be ready. Until then, it’s exacting work. “We will draw up contracts for all the contractors involved shortly, and we will work out all kinds of ideas. From now to 2021, we will tackle each pier one by one. We have now started at the beginning of the G-pier, then we’ll really be on the way – with more shops, luxury restrooms, open facades etcetera. I’m really curious about how people will respond to it, and whether they will be happy and feel comfortable. Of course, those are our goals – to ensure that millions of travellers board their flights as smoothly as possible.