News: Trees complete the green look

In the blink of an eye they were there. Two real trees measuring 7 feet high. Right at the heart of Pier F, alongside gates F7 and F9.

Published on: 11 April 2019

Transported in the middle of the night

On 28 March, we transported the multi-stemmed Ficus Lyrata into the airport. Of course, it was no easy job. Almost like real travellers, they had to pass through security in Departures 3. Then through the Departure Lounges, en route to Pier F. Nigel Lie Kwie, Project Manager at Asito, was involved in the process from the outset. ‘We drew up a transport plan for the horticultural supplier, Donkergroen to transport the trees. This involved arranging the right permits, finding the fastest route and checking with Security that the trees could actually fit through the filters. It was quite a challenge, but we’re incredibly proud of the great result.’

groen van de bomen 02

Green look and feel

Even the process of finding the trees was far from simple. At Schiphol, Jim Waaning, Project Manager at PLuS, was part of that process. He explains enthusiastically: ‘Together with horticultural consultant Bloei, I assessed various tree species and tested the light levels at daytime. It would be a real shame if the trees were unable to survive here. After all, sustainability is one of the project’s core values.’

Het ziet groen van de bomen

This green look and feel is proving successful. You can see the green touch not only at Pier F – Pier G also features an internet table, decorated with terrazzo, that includes five different species of plant. And what about Pier D? We are already hard at work on it. It will feature two green walls, completely bedecked with plants. Just like two patios with a green roof. Other green elements you will find on the piers are plants processed in the interior.

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