News: Pier Upgrades: the finishing touch!

Travelling via Schiphol will soon be even better thanks to the Pier Upgrades project. The introduction of central security led to an opportunity to renovate and redecorate the non-Schengen piers D, E, F and G.

We will be working on the completion of the project over the coming months. A number of ceilings have been closed and furniture has been placed where it was needed. We are also testing the fire alarm system.

Published on: 17 November 2020

Comfort for passengers, convenience for technicians

Using the toilets on the piers is a pleasant experience thanks to the new spa concept – warm materials, soft lighting and luxury fixtures offer passengers a moment of peace. In addition to creating comfortable bathroom facilities for passengers, careful consideration was given to access for repairs and maintenance. Technicians can also ‘do their thing’ easily and without being disturbed.

achterkant toiletgroep

Is someone sending us smoke signals?

Safety is top priority here at Schiphol. That’s why we carry out thorough on-location tests of systems and installations. This month, it was the fire alarm system’s turn. We made sure that everything is functioning as it should be by starting small controlled ‘fires’. This resulted in a sight that you thankfully wouldn’t normally see: smoke at various locations on the piers! Luckily, things were soon back to normal and we passed the test with flying colours.


Upgrading these piers will ensure a pleasant environment for waiting passengers, with comfortable spots to sit and work, luxury bathroom facilities, and more retail and food & drink establishments.