Interview Pier Upgrades: A fresh new look for the piers

4 piers at Schiphol are getting a fresh new look - plus a few tantalising extras! Ann Geebelen, Commercial Project Manager at Schiphol, says that Piers D-G 'will get a calm, natural look, while travellers will provide the splashes of colour'.

Ann Geebelen

Project Manager Ann Geebelen looks after the commercial facilities associated with the upgrades to Piers D-G. Right now, there are a few things lacking at the piers – like catering and retail options at the gates, glass walls as 'terminal filler' and lack of coffee facilities. Ann said: 'Right now, travellers miss catering, retail and other services at the piers, which we will address'.

Comfort at the gate

Central Security gave Piers D-G more space in 2015. Ann said 'We want to make use of the space to give travellers a more enjoyable time at the piers. With the old layout, travellers ended up on the waiting room seats and could not move anywhere. From 2018, travellers will decide how to wait for their flight – whether in a comfortable sitting area, working at a high bar table, or shopping for a new book. Waiting time can now be filled according to their wishes.'

More places to relax

There will be bar stools that link to the waiting area, lots of hard materials and light shades and white concrete walls. The lack of colours might make the piers seem a little bland. Ann said: “Airports are busy places, with people moving constantly, pulling wheeled baggage and near constant broadcasts over the loudspeaker. In a context like that, feeling calm is important. That’s why we opted for a natural, relaxed style of decoration. We feel that the travellers will bring plenty of colour themselves”.

A spectacular new floor

The new pier design has been created to add more air – literally. The gray-brown floor tiles in the free seating area will be replaced by a spectacular floor in the shape of a weather map. “We used a 3D printer to create a template for this floor – it’s a new concept that completely fits with our modern airport aesthetic".