From trees to terrazzo:: Check out Schiphol’s transformed piers

You’ve checked in, gone through security and you are on your way to the gate to wait for your flight. Then it hits you: the pier area looks completely different! It’s bright and spacious, there’s stylish new seating, the bathrooms look like something out of a fancy hotel, there are lots more places to eat and it’s greener thanks to all the plants. In other words: this a place where you can really enjoy the wait for your flight.

Time for a change

Do you remember the time when Schiphol used to carry out the security checks at the gates? Well, the creation of central security in 2015 meant that this was no longer necessary. This gave us a lot more space and therefore the opportunity to completely transform Piers D – G, an area that is home to no less than 81 gates. A total of 70,600 m2 – almost the size of ten football pitches – has been redesigned over the past few years.


Whether you’re simply relaxing before your flight or getting some important last-minute work done on your laptop, you want to sit comfortably. At the upgraded piers you can do just that thanks to the brand new chairs and benches. Even going to the bathroom will be a pleasant experience. The redesigned facilities, with their soft lighting and luxury fixtures, makes it feel as though you are in a spa rather than an airport. And you’ll also be pleased to know that a lot of the material used for the furniture and fittings was recycled.


Another improvement is the expanded range of shops, bars and restaurants. Looking for something to read on your flight? Then head over to AKO or WHSmith and choose from a wide range of books, magazines and newspapers. Forgotten to buy gifts for the people you are visiting? Don’t stress, Dutch Discoveries sells authentic souvenirs from the Netherlands for you to take along in your hand baggage. Does travelling make you hungry? No worries, there are lots of tasty food options to feast on, from healthy local produce to New York-style sub sandwiches and donuts.

Cleaner and greener

Another thing you’ll notice when visiting the renovated piers is how much more daylight there is than before. That’s good news for the two 7-metre tall Ficus Lyrata trees on Pier F, the five different species of plant incorporated into the terrazzo tables on Pier G and the two 70-metre green walls on Pier D. Travellers with an evening flight won’t see much daylight of course, but there’s always just the right amount of illumination thanks to a smart (and energy-saving) lighting system. Convenient whether you want to catch up on the latest news or take a short nap.

So next time you travel via one of these piers at Schiphol, make sure to leave enough time to enjoy all the new features. But don’t stay too long; we don’t want you to miss your flight!

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