Getting to and from Schiphol by bike: You can bike, if you like

It’s easy to cycle to and from Schiphol. The airport is easily accessible by bike, and will make for a healthier and sustainable journey. There are excellent cycle paths to the terminals from different directions around the airport.

Bike parking at the terminal

You can cycle all the way to the terminals, and park at one of the following bike sheds:

  • At the end of terminals 3 and 4

Cycling to Schiphol is quite popular and the facilities are well-used, meaning it can get busy. There are plans to expand the parking facilities, so that everyone can find a bike spot.

Park for up to 4 weeks

You can park your bike at Schiphol for free for up to 4 consecutive weeks. Bikes are regularly checked to ensure they stay within that time frame, to make sure the limited space is available for others.

Bike lockers

Enclosed bike lockers are available for free at some places close to the terminals. You can park there with your own lock, then pick it up once you return. Then someone else can use the bike locker.