Your onward journey: Get transport from Schiphol

After landing at Schiphol, you’ll no doubt want to travel to your next destination in the Netherlands. Perhaps to your home or hotel, or to Amsterdam. You can travel by train, bus, taxi or rental car from the airport. Alternatively, you can get someone to pick you up. Heading to Amsterdam? Whether you travel by train, bus or taxi, you’ll be in the capital in no time. Check all your options below.

Catch a train

Schiphol Airport Station is located directly beneath the airport. In the arrival hall, follow the ‘Trains’ signs to Schiphol Plaza and then take the stairs, moving walkway or lift down to the platforms.

Hop on a bus

Whatever your destination, you can always go there by bus. At the airport, buses depart right in front of Schiphol Plaza – a few minutes’ walk from the arrival hall. You can take the bus to various places, including Amsterdam, Leiden, Lisse, Haarlem and Noordwijk.

Take a taxi

Whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, our taxi drivers will take you from door to door. There are taxis waiting at Schiphol Plaza. All you have to do is jump in!

Drive or rent a car

The airport is easy to reach and offers excellent parking facilities. You can also rent a car. Book the vehicle of your choice online or at one of the car rental desks at Schiphol Plaza.

Take a ride in a shared car

Want to use a shared car? With SIXT share and SHARE NOW, you can ride in an electric car for a quick and easy trip between Amsterdam (among others) and Schiphol. The SIXT share and SHARE NOW are located in Schiphol’s World Trade Center car park.

Jump on your bike

If you park your bike at one of the three bike sheds at Schiphol, you can pick it up when you return and be on your way in no time. That’s perfect after sitting still on the plane!

A day in Amsterdam

If you want to visit Amsterdam, buy an Amsterdam Travel Ticket. It allows you to make unlimited use of the train and bus to and from Schiphol, and all trams, metros and buses in the city centre for up to 24 hours.

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