By train to Schiphol: Alight under the airport

From the platform, simply use the escalator or lift to go up one floor to Schiphol Plaza. It will then take you a couple of minutes to walk to the check-in desk. Follow the signs to Departure Halls 1, 2 or 3.

Train station platform

Direct connections to Schiphol

Many cities in the Netherlands offer direct connections to Schiphol. You can travel to Schiphol from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam 24/7, often without changing trains.

Train tickets and the public transport chip card

In addition to paper tickets, many Dutch people use a public transport card called the ‘OV-chipkaart’. You can use the OV-chipkaart on the train, bus, tram and metro services. Several different types of public transport card are available.

Train checklist

  • Plan your journey at or
  • Buy a public transport card from the yellow ticket machines at Schiphol and most stations. Or use your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile phone to check in and out.
  • Make sure you have at least € 20 credit if you are using your public transport card
  • Always check in and out by swiping your card on the yellow card readers. These are located at the top of the escalators and lifts in Schiphol Plaza.