Car sharing: Share a car to and from Schiphol

If you haven’t heard of car2go, they are electric vehicles that are a popular form of alternative transport in Amsterdam. They are small white and blue shared cars, that are parked around the city’s neighbourhoods. It’s a simple concept – you only pay for the car when you use it. In addition, it’s a 100% electric smart car. From now on, you can also park and collect car2go vehicles at Schiphol Airport.

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Car2go is currently only available between Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Schiphol. That means you can only park the cars here, and recharge them at designated parking places. To find one, just use the car2go app.

Costs for using car2go

The electric smart cars have enough room for two people and a small amount of baggage. The trip to and from Schiphol costs € 0.31 per minute, plus a surcharge of € 8.90 per trip. Reservations must be made online before use of a car2go and the one-off registration fee is € 9. For more information, please visit

Parking your shared car at Schiphol

There are sixteen smart car-designated parking spaces in the World Trade Center’s public car park, as well as eight EV charge points. The car2go cars can only be parked at these specific locations. The car2go area at the World Trade Center is located on Level -2. From there, it’s a five-minute undercover walk to Schiphol Plaza.

World Trade Center
Schiphol Boulevard 329, 1118 Schiphol.

From Amsterdam
1. Take the 'Schiphol' exit from the A4.
2. Then take the 'P3 Lang Parkeren' exit.
3. At the end of the exit, turn left onto Schiphol Boulevard and follow the signs to 'WTC'.
4. You will pass the Hilton Hotel on your right. The WTC is directly behind the Hilton.
5. Follow the WTC signs and turn right into the car park.
6. Once in the car park, follow the signs for 'car sharing'.
7. The car2go car spaces, which are located on Level -2, rows 98-99.

From Schiphol Plaza
1. Follow the signs to ‘car rental
2. Then take the elevator to Level -2.
3. Follow the car2go signs toward rows 98-99

Frequently asked questions

Where are the car2go cars parked?

Schiphol has sixteen fixed parking spaces located in the World Trade Center car park on Level -2. All are within walking distance of the terminal.

What are the costs involved with using a car2go to and from Schiphol?

A single journey costs € 0.31 per minute, with a € 8.90 surcharge. You must pre-register online to use the service, which attracts a one-off fee of € 9.

Is the use of a car2go cheaper than a taxi or public transport?

A trip by car from the airport to the Amsterdam-Zuid Business District costs about € 15 with normal traffic conditions. That is about half the cost of a taxi ride. A journey between Amsterdam and Schiphol by train is lower, as an undiscounted one-way trip costs about € 5.

What if all 16 fixed car park spaces are occupied?

If the 16 fixed spaces are occupied, you may park your car2go right next to the car2go zone.

How many EV charge points are available?

There are eight loading places available.

Are these smart cars big enough for baggage?

Any car2go subscriber can use a shared car, but they are particularly useful for those travelling with a limited amount of baggage. There is enough space in the car for 2 people and a few bags. The airport service is available to all car2Go subscribers 24/7.