Car sharing: Share a car to and from Schiphol

Schiphol has special parking spaces for shared cars. The SHARE NOW's (16 parking spaces) and SIXT share (10 parking spaces) can be found close the terminal. We like to keep space free for shared cars. Because car sharers are conscious drivers and make fewer kilometers. Car sharing therefore means less congestion on the road and fewer emissions.

This is how you reserve a shared car

You can use a shared car at SHARE NOW and SIXT share through their app. With SIXT share you can drive to and from the airport, and from and to service areas in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. You can also leave the cars at SIXT locations in cities such as Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen. SHARE NOW is available for car trips between the airport and Amsterdam.

Here you will find the reserved Parking area

Serveral parking spaces have been designated for shared cars in the public parking garage of the World Trade Center. You can find them on floor -2 in the WTC parking garage. From here, you can walk to the terminal in about five minutes. We have installed 8 charging stations at the special parking places so you can easily recharge the car if necessary.

Route to the World Trade Center parking garage

World Trade Center
Schiphol Boulevard 329, 1118 Schiphol.

From Amsterdam

  1. From the A4 motorway, take the exit "Schiphol".
  2. Then take exit "P3 Long-term Parking"
  3. At the end of the exit, turn left onto Schiphol Boulevard and follow the signs to "WTC"4. You will pass the Hilton Hotel on your right. The WTC is located directly behind the Hilton.
  4. Follow the signs WTC and turn right into the parking garage.
  5. Once in the parking garage, follow the "car sharing" signs.
  6. The parking spaces for shared cars can be found on floor -2, row 98/99.

From terminal

  1. Follow the "car sharing" signs
  2. Then take the elevator to level -2.
  3. Follow the car sharing signs towards row 98/99.

Frequently asked questions

How many places are there now?

Currently there are 16 for SHARE NOW and 10 for SIXT Share. You can find them on floor -2 in the WTC parking garage. From here, you can walk to the terminal in about five minutes.

Are the parking spaces free?

The parking spaces are free.

Is the use of SHARE NOW and SIXT cheaper than a taxi or public transport?

A trip by car from the airport to the Amsterdam-Zuid Business District costs about € 15 under normal traffic conditions. That is about half the cost of a taxi ride. A journey between Amsterdam and Schiphol by train is lower in costs, as an undiscounted one-way trip costs about € 5.

Do you need to book in advance?

You do not have to book in advance; you can book directly via the app and drive.

What if all fixed car park spaces are occupied?

If the fixed spaces of SHARENOW and SIXT are occupied, you may park your Share Now or Sixt right next to the parking zone.

Are the shared cars electric?

Yes, all shared cars are electric.