Looking after the kids: Travelling with children

Flying can be a big adventure for youngsters. But if you are an adult travelling through Schiphol with under-18s, please keep the specific rules applied by the Dutch authorities and airlines in mind. Before setting out, always check what you need to do to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Parental permission to travel

If you are travelling alone with a minor (a child aged under 18), the Dutch authorities require permission to do so from their non-accompanying parent(s), guardian(s) or custodian(s). This rule applies regardless of your relationship to the child and is enforced to prevent child abduction. You can use an official authorisation form to show that you have permission. Without this, you may be delayed at passport control or even prevented from leaving the country

When children can fly alone

Unaccompanied minors are not permitted to travel by air without an adult chaperone. The minimum age for escorted children varies from airline to airline, as do the rules regarding chaperones. Some airlines offer their own chaperone services for a fee. The child is met by airline staff at check-in and accompanied personally throughout their stay at Schiphol and the rest of their journey. Please contact your airline for details of this service and the conditions.

Babies at Schiphol

Dedicated Baby Care areas are available throughout the airport. They have changing and cleaning facilities and are located adjacent to most public toilets. These also provide a calm environment for feeding. For even greater comfort, visit the free Baby Care Lounge on Holland Boulevard (airside, between Lounge 2 and Lounge 3), where you can bathe and feed your baby in a private space. Your baby can also sleep in one of the special bed cabins while you relax in a comfortable chair or sofa.

Travelling with a sick child

If a child you are travelling with has an infectious disease such as mumps, whooping cough, measles or chicken pox, you must provide a medical declaration stating that they are fit to fly.

Need to go through Control at your own pace?

Does your child have a hidden disability and therefore needs more time to go through Security and Passport Control comfortably? If so, ask for a green lanyard at the assistance counter in the departure hall. This way, we can recognise your child in order to give them more time and space if you so desire.

With this lanyard, your child can simply stay with their travel companions in order to go through Security and Passport Control together at their own pace. We wish you a pleasant journey!

Fun for kids

  • What to do at Schiphol

    Apart from watching the planes, there is plenty to do for young travellers at Schiphol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fly with my child on my lap, or do I need to book another seat?

Whether or not you need to book separate seats for young children depends on your airline, so check with them when you buy your tickets. The same applies if you want to take a child seat.

Can I take a baby buggy, pushchair or pram to the gate?

The rules for baby buggies, pushchairs and prams vary from one airline to another. In general, buggies can be taken as far as the boarding gate. Staff then label them and place them in the aircraft’s hold. Prams and non-folding buggies or pushchairs usually have to be checked in as odd size baggage.

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